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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Business, Fianncial


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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Business, Fianncial



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Most popular feedback for Planful

My overall experience with Planful has been overwhelmingly positive. Their team is frequently engaged to ensure that we're utilizing the solution to our maximum benefit. Planful's help desk team knowledgeable and very quick and responsive addressing issues as quickly as possible.

Jessica K.

About Planful

Planful is the pioneer of end-to-end financial close, consolidation, and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) cloud software. More than 1,000 customers, including Boston Red Sox, Del Monte, TGI Friday's, and 23andMe, rely on Planful to accelerate cycle times, increase productivity, and improve accuracy across the end-to-end FP&A process. Planful is a private company backed by Vector Capital, a leading global private equity firm.

Most popular feedback for DoneDone

We are using DoneDone to track status of issues in our SaaS product. Service management team creates new tickets and assigns them to the relevant team member, who then updates ticket status, once progress is made. This works perfectly for our internal bug fixing process.

Robert L.

About DoneDone

Loved by marketing, product, development, construction and real estate teams alike. DoneDone brings task management and client communication under one roof for better collaboration. Throw away your sticky notes. Say goodbye to overly complicated Gantt charts. Track tasks. Squash bugs. Talk to clients. Get work done. When the planning is over, get your work done with DoneDone. It's the simplest issue tracking, task management, and help desk tool for teams.

Planful reviews

I love the people that I work with mostly, and the system is pretty amazing. I can easily geek out about it. Dynamic Reports are excellent, user friendly and add great value! The ease of setting up permissions and security is wonderful, and Planful does it's best to continue to make changes to their system to

- Angel W. IT Controller

Implemented this software solution at my office. It was less expensive than some of the other providers, and we expected the product to perform as such. There are some drawbacks to the product, but I think these are in-line with the price.

- Bradley G. Manager

Host Analytics Dynamic Planning has been the most flexible, dynamic and user-friendly analytical tool I have ever used in my 30+ year's career. Their customer support is second to none, and has always been there to solve any issues we encounter. The platform is ever-changing, based on challenges faced by and recommendations made by their customers. Each time operations requests a new or different way to analyze our market conditions, financial results, or forecasted projections, our department can produce their requests quickly and in real-time.

- Janet G. Vice President, Planning and Analysis

DoneDone reviews

I switched from notion although notion has better functionalities if one bothers to deeply understand notion. In my case done done has a more beautiful interface which makes it more fun to use. I occasionally switch between those two but see myself moving all in to done done for managing my tasks soon. DoneDone has improved a lot and came with extra feature. I do hope that will will implement more project related features as well. They started out well with the newly implemented Kanban boards.


DoneDone has continued to be a great resource for us, and they have shown they are committed to enhancing their product.

- Adam F. Director of Multimedia Technology

The pricing is really attractive, but I wish they had a package for start-ups and/or very small businesses for less than 5 users to save a bit of money. I would also like to see more things geared at working in single-user mode by yourself rather than a full team.

- Scott F. Principal

Pros & cons


OVerall is a great tool for the ease of standardizing and managing our reports
Great experience for me
We have a dedicated business systems resource on our team who helps a lot
Can include links to images of transaction source documents, providing great transparency in reporting
Spotlight for Excel add in to develop custom, refreshable reports is a great help
I honestly think it's great, particular for users whose current ERP systems are lacking in the core FP&A functionalities Planful provides."
A data pull is not immediate and can cause some frustration if data is not pulled 100% accurately the first time
The interface is pretty dated
I also mainly use chrome as my browser and there seems to be a lag time when scrolling in a template which is a bit of a pain
We have also transformed to a rolling forecast using modeling, so that the annual budgets required by lenders comes from the forecasts, and is no longer a time-consuming annual task
The new row sets are difficult to get to the exact detail and adjusting cold width can't be done in a cluster in chrome."


I love the reporting and I love how easy the tasks are to manage
There is no way I could so my projects efficiently without Done done
I love the idea of this software
I think it is wonderful to be able to get escalated items in front of you and it is wonderful to be able to track the progress in one place
The latest version adds some useful features to an already fantastic product while not overwhelming the average user
We enjoy using DoneDones because it's very user-friendly
It's very easy to find issues, filter by key terms, create new issues and communicate with team members."
Some clients not receiving emails from Done Done, but i figure that's a problem on their end not Done Done
Because none of the drop down menus are customizable and because its not possible to create categories for disposition, reason codes, etc I'm going to have to cancel it
The only feature we still miss is that incomings tickets don't provide our customers the context they need when they receive a reply
There are no historical messages that they can see as reference
If too many tickets add up ,the interface gets confusing and hard to manage
It can be hard to find the exact content you need via the search."

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