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Category: Project Management Tool
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Planful reviews

I love the people that I work with mostly, and the system is pretty amazing. I can easily geek out about it. Dynamic Reports are excellent, user friendly and add great value! The ease of setting up permissions and security is wonderful, and Planful does it's best to continue to make changes to their system to

- Angel W. IT Controller

Implemented this software solution at my office. It was less expensive than some of the other providers, and we expected the product to perform as such. There are some drawbacks to the product, but I think these are in-line with the price.

- Bradley G. Manager

Host Analytics Dynamic Planning has been the most flexible, dynamic and user-friendly analytical tool I have ever used in my 30+ year's career. Their customer support is second to none, and has always been there to solve any issues we encounter. The platform is ever-changing, based on challenges faced by and recommendations made by their customers. Each time operations requests a new or different way to analyze our market conditions, financial results, or forecasted projections, our department can produce their requests quickly and in real-time.

- Janet G. Vice President, Planning and Analysis

Stacker reviews

This software has completely changed our daily operations. Support is always helpful when we need it. I can't rave about it enough.

- Alyssa D. Founder

It's been a good experience overall. The software has given me abase product, and that is worth a lot! And I have had good experience with support. It didn't start off great, but their support has improved significantly. It's limitations are significant, but the core functionality has given me what I needed the most.

- Robb D. Founder

It's hard to keep up with my rising expectations but they are pulling it off. What's lacking are more advanced custom features like scheduling but overall they really are in a great space.

- Mike O. Head of Digital

Pros & cons


OVerall is a great tool for the ease of standardizing and managing our reports
Great experience for me
We have a dedicated business systems resource on our team who helps a lot
Can include links to images of transaction source documents, providing great transparency in reporting
Spotlight for Excel add in to develop custom, refreshable reports is a great help
I honestly think it's great, particular for users whose current ERP systems are lacking in the core FP&A functionalities Planful provides."

A data pull is not immediate and can cause some frustration if data is not pulled 100% accurately the first time
The interface is pretty dated
I also mainly use chrome as my browser and there seems to be a lag time when scrolling in a template which is a bit of a pain
We have also transformed to a rolling forecast using modeling, so that the annual budgets required by lenders comes from the forecasts, and is no longer a time-consuming annual task
The new row sets are difficult to get to the exact detail and adjusting cold width can't be done in a cluster in chrome."


Overall experience has been very positive - great tool for me to get my clients onto and the Stacker staff are great at responding to customer issues
This is a fantastic product that has helped to streamline our operations both internally and externally with our clients
This is a great frontend app for Airtable
The combination of the two are a no code dream come true
M pretty happy with Stacker
I wish I had gone to play with all the new features and functions."

I was an early(ish) user, so the pool of other portals that I could "emulate" was limited
We used to send important docs via email
They would get lost, or buried down in the email chain, requiring rework
The missing piece of Airtable and other data bases
No-code / WYSIWYG makes interface design constrained
Pricing plans aren't friendly if apps need to be deployed at scale (say, client-facing project trackers)."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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