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Category: Performance Management Tool
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PointerPro reviews

The product is easy to use for our annual big show. Even though we go months at a time without using the software it is east to relearn and start using again.

- John O.

I was originally excited to find the software as it allowed for offline collection. Set up was easy but once we started collecting information everything fell apart. I spent over 6 hours trying to get a hold of someone on their chat (as there is no other way to get a hold of someone) and then another long period of time (when up against hard deadlines) to get issues and questions resolved. After the first issue was cleared up (after a couple days) there was some sort of update ran that cause us to have to reset the entire app midway through our show (causing us a lot of stress). We didn't feel that Survey Anyplace was at all sorry about the amount of extra work and money it cost us. We had to expedite a new ipad to set up their app again (plus travel to and from our tradeshow), we had to have key management spend a lot of time trying to handle the issue with them, and had a large amount of angry customers during the few hours at the show we were no longer able to collect information (they were angry as each person we collected had a chance to win a prize). This cost us business and made the company look bad. The software looked nice but not worth the time of money so I would not recommend it.

- Heather G.

I came across Survey Anyplace from Google when I was looking for a very interactive survey design logic that chooses random questions from a pool. I have been using it since.

- Ali A.

PerformYard reviews

The best part of our experience with PerformYard has to be with the customer service. Our rep, [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] knows how we function, is extremely helpful making suggestions, reworking forms streamlining tasks for us. We are a small group but have recently revamped all of our performance materials - [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] has been instrumental in our successful rollout.

- Diane P.

What I like most are the people at PerformYard! From the initial interactions with the sales team to the implementation it was clear PerformYard was interested in being my partner in creating a high performing organization. Our account rep consults with me to understand and then find the best solutions for my company. She is a tremendous trainer and supports my learning style by getting on the phone with me when needed! She is friendly, professional, and savvy. The software is user friendly and administrator friendly. The feature I like most for our users are the dashboard, everything in the Goals tab, and the ability for folks to isolate their views with filters or "forms I need to do" section. The "Feedback" button is fast way to share feedback. Overall the software is aesthetically appealing; an important thing to highly visual architects and interior designers. Additionally, the pricing is fair.

- Tracy O.

Our overall experience has been very positive. As a growing company, we very much needed a mechanism to ensure that goal setting and feedback was occuring on a regular cadence on a company wide basis. We also wanted a platform to recognize co-workers efforts on a company wide basis. Ensuring feedback happens and is documented is invaluable for employee growth. The feedback from employees has been great. Many of them are coming from large companies with mature performance management processes and have indicated they think PerformYard is a superior product - more updated, easier to use and better features.

- Alexandria G.

Pros & cons


Super easy to setup and run a survey
Very positive feedback from the users on the speed and ease
I like the design function for surveys and the ability to customise
When I managed to speak to somebody senior about my experience - it was taken seriously and the problem was solved
The reports are excellent
The presentation is very professional and it is reasonably easy to get up to speed with the creation of each type of 'survey."

This cost us business and made the company look bad
It's a bit expensive for what it is
Also, when you paid version runs out, you cant use forms that you mad with a paid account anymore
When we needed to upgrade our current plan, we were uncertain of the way we were going to get charge
Someone rapidly answered our question, and we had to pay only for the difference."


Our CSM has been amazing - accessible, helpful and very attentive
Having our performance reviews managed through the platform has been a huge benefit and needed for the engagement and growth
PerformYard has exceeded our expectations and the entire team has been an outstanding partner to us
Another function that I find especially beneficial is the ability to highlight the achievements or simply acknowledge the work of others, which can be shared within teams or companywide."

Some of the features are a little complicated
Turning a document into a signature, fillable document is tedious and frustrating at times
I think this is perhaps just the peril of using a web-based tool
You have to get used to navigating deliberately -- and, of course, regularly saving your work
While I don't see many cons, some managers have complained that the reporting function isn't as intutiive as the rest of the system."

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