Primalogik vs Kenjo

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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Number of users 100 - $499 per month or $4990 per year upfront


Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business



Digitalize basic HR tasks and manage day to day administration in an all in one tool

5.0 €


Everything you need to build, grow and automate a powerful HR unit

8.0 €

20M+ Downloads

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Primalogik reviews

"360 Reviews Made Easy with Primalogik!" What do you like best about Primalogik? Ryan was amazing! He gave a great demo and really helped me understand the platform before I purchased. The 30 day free trial was key in determining if the platform would work for my company or not. Purchasing was super easy and straightforward, and it's the best deal out there! Ryan and Gabriel were very available and willing to answer all of my questions, and I had a lot of them. Simply great service and an easy to use platform. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Primalogik? It was a bit confusing realizing that the 360's results were organized by the subject of the feedback. There was not a simple way to see who the user was reviewing, only who is reviewing that user. But once I figured that out, it was fine! Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Primalogik solving and how is that benefiting you? Our 360 process was totally manual before and we had done it through google sheets. This was a terribly long process and caused our management team a lot of stress. With Primalogik360, there is no manual aggregation of data and sharing the data is super simple. The managers at my company were very happy with me for introducing Primalogik360.

- Hannah D.

Our customer support/implementation rep was and has continued to be amazing! he software overall is really nice and organized but could use some better automation and sorting tasks. However, anything and everything i have brought up to Ryan, he has either got me an answer or taken it to his software team and they have implemented it! We will always use Primalogik and regret not switching to them sooner!

- Anthony S.

Overall good experience. As mentioned very user friendly and the support team were helpful.

- Stacie F.

Kenjo reviews

It is a platform that covers a lot of the HR needs (I still need to use the performance module) but it's a very user friendly (employees are very happy with the change and thank the way it's easier to log on, check payrolls, holidays, etc). From the HR part, having everything recorded in one places makes it so much easier and it's a tool I can't go a day without. Workflows are really useful and a way to set reminders for managers (instead of using calendar reminders) and improve the culture / employee experience with less manual work. It's great for NPS surveys, so you can get the temperature of your teams and improvement areas and making sure people feel confident that it's completely anonymous. Recruitment: it allows you to have a quick overview of the process, for managers it's great cause they see the HR background work in real time and see that we are working on their positions. Platform onboarding: very personalized.

- Marta D.

My experience with Kenjo is highly satisfying. Not only is it a software that makes our work easier, helping us automate routine processes that allow us to add more value, but it is also the meeting point for all the company's employees and the reference platform for our day to day. In addition, the support service and, in general, the team of people who make up Kenjo, provide us with personalized and very fast attention when it comes to solving doubts or queries, always taking into account our suggestions for improvement or functionalities that we would like to have.

- Ana E.

Unify data in a single software, be able to access the cloud from any location, eliminate conventional time registration, make employees responsible for their time and absences, data transparency, improve internal communication and a step forward in the digitalization of all what people management entails

- Anna G.

Pros & cons


This software has given us the ability to clarify, simplify and systematize our performance evaluation process, providing greater confidence and visibility to all participants
My overall experience was positive
Our representative and is stellar - super responsive to all of my questions, he made things work for us, and he's very friendly
Excellent tool to address 360s, Goal and Performance Management and more."

After our first 360 session, no one was really aware that the answers were not truly anonymous
You must make changes for one user in multiple locations on the site
The Department section is messy as well
It is a little frustrating that the manager has to make a comment on a persons self reflection and goals - there may be a way around this, but we haven't discovered it yet."


Very happy of the work obtained from OrgOS
I LOVE working with them, there is no doubt that they know what they are doing and that they are one of the best companies in the field of human resources
Clear dashboard, all functionalities I need are implemented and it is very easy to setup and to use
The team is great and open for customer feedback
Kenjo is a easy to use tool with a lot of great automation features
The support team is great and they also improve the system constantly."

Coming from other HRIS systems, the interface can be confusing at times
Sometimes it's a little difficult to automatize things
Not everything can be personalized
Sometimes little problems pop up with the mobile app (doesn't work in the background, you have to close and restart the app to have an actualized time."

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