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Primary Games

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Primary Games reviews

This is a really clever way to get kids into word games. For each set of words there are three full activities so they really get familiar with those words. In addition, they have an opportunity to play with "word find" activities, crossword puzzles and fill in the blanks, each of which get their minds working in different ways. Each puzzle is presented colorfully and with fun pictures that help them solve the puzzles. And, given how the book is set up, they can even check their answers on their own so they aren't dependent on an adult (what a great feeling for a 6-8 year old!).

- Renee Bradman

Nice website for children. It has lots of activities for children of age 5 to 13. There some nice flash based games, puzzles. There are also games categorized in schools subjects and a great help to teach children about things such as geography and math.

- Scarlet S.

Some of the games were ok for about an 8 yo. But was really shocked when I tried the science section. Constant subtle attempts to suggest creationism and even get kids to consider dinosaurs co-existing with man. There is no science here.

- Ian M.

Typeform reviews

I am the founder of a one man creative agency, and I give Typeform five stars. When I was looking for a good survey and form software, I look at a lot of different options. Of course, Google forms, it's nice, it's easy, it's free. It is a little limited in what it can do and how it can look. And then also was checking out ResponseSuite, which again has a lot of good functionalities, not quite all the ones that I needed and just, I don't know, still needed something a little bit better. I finally decided to use Typeform and all the options that I needed, particularly in this case, I needed to be able to have users select different items and then charge for them at the end. So I needed to be able to take payment and calculate price. Typeform was actually able to do all of that, so we built an order form inside Typeform, and we also were able to have a little bit of fun with it, just the way that Typeform presents itself and the way we can customize some of the answers in the questions. We're able to just put a lot of good personality into this order form. So the client loved it, their customers loved it, and we got a lot of sales through it. Integrating Typeform into the rest of what we're doing was pretty easy. It has a lot of stuff just built in, email confirmations and copies of the entries sent over email. That's just right built in as a feature. And then I've also in the past, connected it to Google Sheets to keep track of results and entries. And again, it's just really easy to use. You can tell they've put a lot of time and resources into making it a pretty easy to use product. So if you're considering Typeform, I mean, check it out. When you sign up, I'm pretty sure they take you through a couple of examples. They have a lot of templates. And so even if you don't end up using a template, I'd say check out a couple of templates, make some dummy type forms to really see how they work, how they're suggesting you use logic jumps or can customize things, and how you can recall information from one answer to another. So check out what they're doing, go through any of the trainings that they have. And if you're checking out other software, that's great too, you want to make sure you find the one that fits you best and fits your price point and all of that. Typeform, depending on what else you're looking at, might be a little bit more expensive than others, but it's a smooth experience. There's a lot of extra features that they have that other ones don't. So if you are, especially if you're going to use those extra features that are a little more exclusive to Typeform or other higher end form softwares, then it's definitely a good fit. But certainly yeah, look at different ones. See what fits you, your style, your personality, how your brain works when you're making the thing. And if you're good to go, then you're good to go with Typeform. And again, when you sign up, go through their little trainings, their little examples. Just start some stuff, even if it's a little off base from what you think you're going to use out of some templates, just to see how they're using some of the forms. That's was the easiest way for me to really get my feet wet with Typeform.

- Jonathan T.

I would give Typeform five out of five. To see more reviews like this, click the link below. Before using Typeform, we had a scattering of different form tools that we've used. There's all kinds of different forms online, some of the WordPress basic forms or Formstack, things like that, but it's just not a great user experience. It's kind of clunky and we're just really impressed with all the different options and power that Typeform offers. It just gives a really cool user experience. It definitely has a different type of look and vibe that really aligns with what we're trying to accomplish and then has all the power to do calculations, do payment processing, file accepting, things like that. It's a great tool. We're a marketing agency and one of the main things we love about Typeform is how to use it for different clients. Right when we log into Typeform, we're able to access different folders with these forms in them for all of our clients. We use it for contact forms and we're able to either embed it on our client's websites or link out from. We've done some of the video chat features that they've added. We just love using it for clients, and it makes it easy to also give access from that account too. Some of our clients have Typeform logins and they're able to log in and edit their Typeform. We pass that fee right along to our clients, which is a great feature to have too so that's great. We love the user experience. Just how it looks, how it performs and the different power behind it as well. Again, it will do calculations and logic jumps. It will integrate with all kinds of different tools like Mailchimp, things like that. It will accept payment through Stripe. There's just so many different features and functionality that you can use this for anything. It can replace your general forms on your website. It can replace your survey tools. It can replace even an e-commerce situation for simple payment acceptance and calculation so I'm a big fan. Yeah, I loved the process to get started on Typeform. It was super simple to get set up. You can do a free trial and test it out for a few smaller projects. Then from there we just immediately started ramping up. It was super simple to get started with a basic package and then when it was time for us to upgrade and add some more features and functionality, we did that too all the time. It was very, very easy. Their support team and customer service are super great to work, with very responsive and they make it really easy. For anybody considering to get Typeform, I would just say try it out and see. See how much better it is, see how much slicker it looks, see how much more of a custom experience you can create for users. Just test it out, give it a shot, and test out some of those powerful features too. Like I said before, there's a lot of really powerful functionality that you can get out of Typeform and it's impressive all the things you can do with it.

- Tyler K.

I've been using Typeform for years!! I find it very easy to use and create beautiful forms and questionnaires. It is definitely at the top of its class when it comes to create fun and engaging forms. I highly recommend this tool to any business that needs to collect client feedback and wants to improve the experience and visual appearance of their forms.

- Melanie Latrelle G.

Pros & cons

Primary Games

Easy to use
You can have fun while learning
Website design contains lots of colors.

There are lot of ads
Provides some misinformation
Website is somehow lag.


Logic jumps enable automatic customization
Plenty of integrations for organizing data
Questions can be paired with images and videos.

Free plan is very restricted
Paid plans are expensive
Customization is too much for simple surveys

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