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Project Insight

Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Business, Fianncial


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Category: Project Management Tool
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Project Insight reviews

We have a variety of clients that require small scale and large scale projects. PI offers excellent planning tools to setup projects and forecast staff utilization. We can also plan multi year projects with escalating rates by resource type. This provides a true picture for us to see how we are performing based on quote/budget.

- Tom S. Program Manager

New employee on-boarding and knowledge of their projects and work load, tacking deadlines - external and internal, using it for weekly meetings and planning sessions.

- Jackie A. Compliance Manager

Not super impressed with the interface, not happy with the requirement to manually enter billing details for invoicing, too much need for manual entry.

- Miriam L. HR Director

Ruddr reviews

For my team, Ruddr was a big step up from the simple time trackers we have tried in the past. It is more of a professional services automation platform but it doesn't have the big price tag. I love that we only have to pay for our billable personnel. This allows our administrative folks to access the platform and all the data but they just can't record billable time to client projects.

- Mike W. CEO

It's been great. It's an easy tool with NO workarounds that we needed to utilize. With functionality that we needed that was not present in the base application, was great in understanding our need and getting what we needed.

- Daniel P. VP - Engagements Information Technology

It really needs to be easier for our employees to track their time. After using Harvest for years, our team misses the toolbar feature they have for quick time tracking. We are waiting with baited breath for something similar from Ruddr.

- Ryan G. Head of Creative

Pros & cons

Project Insight

Power users have the ability to create their own forms and add form fields to reports
Consultant is very responsive to requests and is delightful to work with
There is so much I could say about Project Insight - I have enjoyed using it tremendously
The software won the CODiE award for best Project Management solution in 2017
Invoicing, project creation, time entry, good project management tool
Since it is clean and nice, you can understand how to use it very easily."

Once I submit my Time entry worksheet to my manager, it becomes really difficult to correct the mistakes in the submitted sheet
Mobile app is difficult to track time and hours
My least favorite feature is the lack of automatic status changes based on task flow
Unfortunately the price was put of our range, and was a little too expensive considering we weren't in a position at the time, to fully utilise every aspect of the product."


Overall a great experience and I hope to continue using Ruddr in the future
Seems like they had the opportunity with new tech to design the experience from the ground up "the way it should be
Reporting is also a huge plus
Ruddr has been great and easy to use, love the ease of the platform and the support team has gone above and beyond
I enjoyed the ease of switching through projects in the timing section of the software."

There were a few items around the timesheet and invoicing functions that were critical to us
After using Harvest for years, our team misses the toolbar feature they have for quick time tracking
We are waiting with baited breath for something similar from Ruddr
There were a few changes that we questioned if they could be made
The Ruddr team jumped right one it and has made the software work for our company."

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