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Most popular feedback for PromoRepublic

I am on a mission to amplify the messages of multiply clients worldwide through social media. After we hit a tipping point as an agency, my team was not able to handle everything in the old, native way. I tried various tools before I found PromoRepublic, but none of them provided an all-in-one package — a social media calendar and editable content templates for clients to build their social media visibility and a white label platform to grow the agency business. The white-label platform, in particular, helped us to get more clients on board than we expected in a shorter period of time. One more benefit worth mentioning is their (also white label) reselling collaboration program, which helps me to increase ROI.

Natasha Zo

About PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is helping brick-and-mortar companies transform their buyers’ experiences to keep pace with our new post-pandemic reality. The number of people doing local searches weekly doubled from 2019 to 2021. Additionally, more consumers use search and social media to evaluate local businesses, so ratings and reviews significantly impact their buying decisions. Our mission is to empower brands for local success by arming them with intelligent technology. PromoRepublic’s proprietary data analytics and easy-to-use tools for local marketing help businesses track online visibility and drive engagement in top search and social media platforms, build a consistent brand presence, develop an outstanding online reputation – everything they need to be found and chosen online.

Most popular feedback for Tailwind

The best feature of Tailwind was the ability to batch schedule Pins to Pinterest. Additionally, the SmartSchedule feature was helpful to an extent. Their marketing materials around Pinterest were also useful when Pinterest was more popular for my business niche.


About Tailwind

The Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team Tailwind automates the most difficult parts of your social media marketing so you can grow smarter and faster. Save time with content creation, scheduling, and publishing for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Official Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest partner. 1 million + users.

PromoRepublic reviews

“What has really impressed our team is PromoRepublic'scollaboration features. Before we were wasting hours creatingspreadsheets and PowerPoint slides to get approval on socialmedia posts. Now PromoRepublic enables us to quickly createposts, collaborate with our clients on edits, and request theirapproval to publish - all in one place. Having the software white-labeled to be on-brand has also really impressed our clients.Honestly, PromoRepublic is a game-changer, and no other socialmedia scheduler has crafted such a fantastic solution formarketing agencies."

- Collin Belt

“PromoRepublic's platform saves me a lot of time and it's easy tomanage all of my clients in one place. Furthermore, the simplisticproprietary social media calendar is easy to use and makes it easyfor my clients to approve posts, comment on them for revision ifneeded, or make edits on the fly. The platform and customerservice combined are incredible. I have heard of other solutionsthat offer to post separate from the social media calendar. PromoRepublic combines everything, making it very easy tomanage workflow in one place."

- Donnie Strompf

"A Pleasant Surprise! More Than What We Wanted, Just What We Need!" What do you like best about PromoRepublic? Our Customer Success Manager Hanna is the difference-maker. Having her makes all the difference! She's fast, a great helper, and determined to see us succeed. She looks for solutions to offer that will help us the most. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about PromoRepublic? I would like more control over my users. I really need to be able to easily remove them from all workspaces at one time. Additionally, selecting approval requirements for specific users is super helpful without having to have a white label. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering PromoRepublic: I found PromoRepublic by accident but it was a great surprise. I will tell you that my Customer Success Manager is the greatest feature of PromoRepublic. Having her has been a huge difference-maker. You will not get this with other programs! Review collected by and hosted on What problems is PromoRepublic solving and how is that benefiting you? Allows us to schedule all the necessary programs, engage clients in the process, and keep it all in one place. I was using another program and reached the limit of my plan forcing me into a custom plan. It was at that time that I chose to explore other options and accidentally came upon PromoRepublic. I found it to offer me more than I was looking for at a much more reasonable price. It's been a win-win-win for us!

- Kim W.

Tailwind reviews

Yes, it's a tool, but I consider the app a part of my team because it does so many things and makes my life easier... Like you just put everything on Tailwind, and it does all the work for you. It's a major time saver.

- Sandy Dedeian Rectified.Co

Tailwind already has all different time slots, so I could just fill everything up, not have to think about posting at night, because I'm an early bird

- Sheniqua Young Founder, Shea Design Art

I can set up and let go with Tailwind. "I love Tailwind because I can batch work...Tailwind enables me to not have to think about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest every day. I can kind of get into a headspace where I'm going to have to deal with it and then I can set everything up and let it go.

- Christine Martell Founder, Visuals Speak

Pros & cons


Analytics dashboard is excellent and easy for clients to understand
It's easy to create and schedule posts
If you run out of ideas, you can use the templates they offer.
Can only post 1 image direct to Instagram
I wish they offered more information when it comes to the analytics
The site is very buggy.


and Scheduling Pins on more than one Board across a time frame
Scheduling Instagram posts at recommended times
Using Smart Bio for links from Instagram directly to our website
When you add a link to your post and add the caption, it goes to the first line and not where I had the cursor
I do not want the link to be the first thing people read.The Tailwind Create is fun and helpful but still hard to use.I can not wait for the day that Tailwind has a functionality for Twitter and Facebook, this would be my number one item for improvement.

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