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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing


Plans for Marketers - Essentials - $399 per month

Plus - $999 per month

Enterprise - $1999 per month.

Plans for agencies - Agency Small - $399 per month

Agency Medium - $999 per month

Agency Large - $1999 per month

GoDaddy Studio

Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


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$5.99 /month

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Most popular feedback for Qwaya

Marketers often overlook one big aspect of social – native advertising. As a paid click and data guy, I love Qwaya because it allows me to treat and optimize Facebook as I would AdWords: robust campaign structuring, split-testing, and automation tool set. If CTRs drop or CPC jumps … pause it. Might sound simple, but when you’re managing big accounts and budgets, it’s a godsend.

Ed Leake

About Qwaya

Qwaya is a set of business tools used for social media marketing. It provides users with unique software that aids them in driving campaigns for their business through Facebook ads. This enables small businesses that market on Facebook to get boosted regardless of their goal, be it to advertise their fan page, drive traffic to their website, etc. It also offers an ad creation workflow that is efficient, saving them effort and time but is still highly capable of producing results. The system utilizes the Facebook ad tool which is equipped with loads of functionalities, such as ad creations and ad scheduling. It even has more features than Facebook’s own Ad manager and Power Editor. It also integrates with Google Analytics to obtain reliable data overview.

Most popular feedback for GoDaddy Studio

I just really love how I am able to easily transfer my ideas to a digital format with such an ease of use. I recently took over the digital management of the entire auto group that I work for and this has made things incredibly easy to do. I am able to do literally 90% of all my work on my phone app from anywhere that I am at.

Mike M.

About GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is a mobile design app aimed at helping businesses create impactful content that will make brands and designs stand out.

Qwaya reviews

Qwaya is an amazing platform which helps you to run your Facebook ads more precisely and helps you to get bets ROI. If you are an individual marketer also, then you should use it for best profit. You can start with the Qwaya 14-days free trial and if you are satisfied, you can proceed further.

- Ashutosh Jha

Qwaya is a facebook ad manager and online marketing tool for small and medium businesses. It offers campaign optimization, productivity management, campaign scheduling, third party integration, and other services. The software was designed and launched by Qwaya headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

- Shlomi Lavi

We realize that when you make a decision to get a Social Media Monitoring Software it’s vital not only to see how professionals evaluate it in their reviews, but also to check if the actual people and enterprises that use it are genuinely happy with the service. Because of that need we’ve devised our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that aggregates customer reviews, comments and Qwaya reviews across a wide array of social media sites. The information is then presented in an easy to understand form indicating how many people had positive and negative experience with Qwaya. With that information at your disposal you will be prepared to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.

- Nestor Gilbert

GoDaddy Studio reviews

although it is useful for many people, I recommend it especially to people who manage social media. Awesome app, time saver

- Sofia J. Owner

Over enables me to create strong, communicative visuals with consistent formats and branding. The projects function makes it easy to be consistent and keep up with a lot of graphics. The team tool makes it easy to collaborate when needed.

- Martin M. Chief Content Officer

All the things I don't like are the limits of most mobile editors. There is just a limit on things you can edit and there isn't enough gray area. For example, I may want a specific text to animate a specific way and I "might" be able to get close, but at some point, you have to just let it be.

- Joe M. Activities Assistant Online Media, 51-200 employees

Pros & cons


Easy ad creation
Create ads in bulk
Easy organization of ads in folders
The price for the premium package would be better if it was lower especially for small business maintaining a lot of other online subcsriptions
Sometimes ads would be delayed and not all launch simultaneously
Also it doesn't save images so you have to re-upload every time
Terrible customer service

GoDaddy Studio

This app has made it super easy for me to add my logo to my lash or nail pictures, it is also so easy to manage and figure out stuff
Although it is useful for many people, I recommend it especially to people who manage social media
With this app I can advance with my work when I'm not in the office, it's a nice way to save time
It has everything you need to create great social media content in just minutes, which is a great feature for people who need to edit fast."
All the things I don't like are the limits of most mobile editors
There is just a limit on things you can edit and there isn't enough gray area
Some of the fonts are hard to read when placed on pictures
I dislike that recently they have changed it to where you have to pay for certain features that you didnt have to before
It's not as easy to learn how to make flyers
It doesn't have a tutorial on how to make flyers, unless I "OVER"looked it."

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