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Category: Social Media tools
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Rallio reviews

helps us as a brand have consistency across all locations (450+) and gives our stores as well as franchise owners the confidence in maintaining their social presence as well as giving them the opportunity to connect on a more local level with our customers. Major bonus for our company is the ability to manage the platform through an app.

- Emily L. Social Media Marketing Lead

I love the ease of use and how [Rallio] has progressed through the years. The leaderboard is a big win as that is a great way to motivate teams to use the platform. The ease of use with calendars now being included in the app. The team at Rallio has been great! They are so easy to get ahold of and always collaborate on ideas.

- Andrew V. District Team Leader

Rallio has helped PSP get our social media experience up and running from the ground floor! Software is pretty intuitive and support team is amazing.

- Monica L. District Team Leader

Planable reviews

We’re saving at least half a day per client. Previously we would have spent a good two hours scheduling, probably another two hours of back and forth on different comments. Now it happens much more smoothly. You make the money back with the new processes that allow you to scale.

- Corrie Jones. Founder @UNTAPPED

The team loved it from the start. It’s a what you see is what you get kind of platform and thanks to it, the team aligned. You have all those different views that help us overview the entire marketing efforts. Planable simplified my life.

- Matan Product Marketing Director @Viber

Planable is a top-tier product. And its customer service is UNMATCHED.

- Callie Marketing Supervisor @Maverick Transportation

Pros & cons


He is skilled, professional, and brilliant as a strategist
I love how customizable and open to suggestions Rallio is
It really makes me feel more like a central figure in my social strategy...not just a client without expertise
Representative was excellent in communication via email as well as on the call
He was super friendly, and patient with me too
I am grateful for the time he took to spend with me and I know I could reach out to him anytime
It's great to know someone really loves what they do and I think representative truly loves his job."

Posting can be tricky cause it doesn't hold what you put on the post, gets a tad confusing when this happens
It's a one stop shop to upload to all social media accounts
Lots of updates for mobile version which can be annoying
My only fear is too much emphasis with the same companies like Facebook/Instagram."


It is very straight forward to use and we love that there are multiple ways to view your feed, especially flipping between calendar and grid
I have tried using many different programs to help me organize my vendor events/parties that I host
This app has been the most successful
It's also super affordable, compared to some other platforms I used before
I like how easy it is to use
The layout is also great, I like how I can set custom dates and use the calendar to upload the posts."

Sometimes the schedule button lags, and it's annoying
I have to click it multiple times to no effect
I also have noticed that when I try to bulk post content it's hard to customize it based on each account
Schedule for Instagram is an issue
The need to download Instagram and Planable on your phone and then continue to work from the mobile...it is really a pain
For me, the downside is the lack of analytics which I have had with other publishing softwares, without additional cost
The price is similar, but with less features."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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