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Category: Social Media tools
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$280 Month


Category: Social Media tools
Industries: Business, Marketing, Social Media



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ReviewStudio reviews

ReviewStudio is my go-to for getting our internal clients to review documents, flyers, brochures, video, etc. It is great!

- Chris H. Vice President, Communication

We've been able to convey complex tasks easily and assign them to individuals.

- Kit K. Owner

Quicker responses from client, able to download videos directly from the platform.

- Joanne W. Head of Studio

SocialBu reviews

Setup was fairly easy. Learning the platform was as well. It schedules my posts on time, and they look good. I am really enjoying growing with Socialbu

- Ama Y. Marketing Manager

Amazing experience! The product works very well without hiccups. Customer Service is very responsive and ready to help and answer any questions

- Pasquale M. Founder

I have had a great experience with SocialBu. It meets all our needs for a social media posting platform, and I highly recommend it to colleagues.

- Mary Beth W. Marketing + Communications Manager

Pros & cons


Excellent customer support, good client-facing functionality, streamlined proof uploading, amazing search/ file tagging system, both thumbnails AND text for file listing, and rapid notifications
If you need a good proofing software, this is it
Makes producing our health & wellness videos so much more efficient
The ability for video editors to easily share their rough cuts for feedback
Great tool to for us to have at our fingertips whenever we have to get or give feedback on just about anything we are creating."

The numbering, in that case, happens on the basis of who reviewed the file first
But it disturbs the flow for a person who needs to implement those changes
I think the worst part is that my clients don't know anything about this software so they are hesitant to use it to leave reviews
The other problem is with my new 4K monitor
For some reason the zoom controls don't respond as expected
Our designers sometimes miss details in setting up the proof: there may be no option to "approve."


Some great qualities, and some great potential for streamlining
But if you have great CS, that's what keeps the customers loyal and I'm happy that SocialBu's team answers my questions in a timely manner
It was really easy to connect SocialBu with the social media channels I help manage
What drew me to trying it out was the ability to schedule Instagram Stories, everything else was a great bonus
The entire point of this thing is so you can go on your merry way and do your work."

When setting up accounts it can be frustrated because the software demands a lot from instgram but doesn't communicate quickly enough before changing the access code
An absolute waste of time and total frustration
You know it takes many hours for anything to come full circle to see if this type of a program works and when it does nothing...its the worst
It barely posts anything let alone in any timely way
Its a crap shoot and you get so lucky if the thing posted
I wasted days trying to get this thing to work
Let alone in any consistent way."

What is Speechify?

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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