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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Marketing, Seo, Busines/Productivity


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$15/mo Full customization

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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing, Education



$14 /mo

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$23 /mo

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Most popular feedback for ritetag

This tool is great for tracking the hashtags for my social media posts and using this tool, I have seen positive change in my engagement on social media posts. Also, I can easily integrate this tool with buffer and set up 25 automatic tweets at once

Himanshu S.

About ritetag

The Social Media Marketing Toolkit. Actionable analytics, social crafting and automation. Right where you post.

Most popular feedback for Webflow

I really love the functionality of the drag and drop interface of web flow. It's very easy to understand and customize, I also like the ability to create customize interactions directly to the interface. I have been able to create my own personal site in a short period of time without a background knowledge in coding. If you want to have full control over the website but you are afraid or you don't have experience at all in coding, Webflow is a good choice.

Mark Anthony S.

About Webflow

Webflow is a visual web development platform that allows companies to design, build, and launch completely custom websites without writing code. By combining design, animation, content management, marketing, and ecommerce tools into a single platform, Webflow empowers non-coders and coders alike to ship and promote websites of all kinds in a faster, more cost-efficient, and more collaborative way.

ritetag reviews

As you search for hashtags, make sure you are using tags that people actually use. RiteTag will recommend popular hashtags related to a specific topic or even image.

- Derek Miller / GoDaddy

If people click a URL in your post and land on a site that is not yours, the connection that you earned is broken. So that’s my tip: use Rite.ly with RiteForge to keep the connection when you share webpages, and use them as an opportunity to advertise your own business.

- Saul Fleischman Website Planet

Riteforge schedules your posts. You can set specific times you want each post to go out and you can add unlimited social media platforms all for $15 a month. It's amazingly easy to use and it achieves the best results I've seen so far. Unlike most other scheduling tools, this has unlimited advantages for it's price. From bulk posting to auto hashtags and emoji. It makes the job easier to do. I always advice my clients to use this instead of hiring a social media manager. This gets the job done for way less. I could go on and on about its advantages like how you are not limited by the number of social media platforms you use but that would take forever.

- Ibukun Dawodu ProductHunt

Webflow reviews

Webflow is a professional tool that I am very comfortable working with. I use it practically every day with pleasure.

- Joshua D. Web Designer

I was looking for a site builder which would be open enough to let us setup custom styled components and tweak prebuilt templates to our needs. And that it what Webflow has given us. Using a template as a starting point and building up from there.

- Jakub H. Founder / Designer

In two adjectives: BAD and ANNOYING, I regret it.

- Arvaldo S. Marketing manager

Pros & cons


The chrome extension of this tool allows me to find hashtags for whatever page I am browsing
I use it along with Buffer and it works awesome to schedule content across all social platforms.
I dislike about this tool is that it sometimes fail to detect the hashtags


We really like the extensions that are available for pop-up elements and other helpful engagement modules like PayPal callouts with a Promo offer
I like Webfow because it is the freedom of design translated to the web
You don't have to be a programmer to create a great website
To be able to do this for a website / blog is just great
The # of high quality templates available is also a big plus and made it very easy to finally update our website
It is a pleasure to use, has brilliant tutorials, and massively expands what a small team was able to do."
The worst part of webflow is his learning curve, i take a long time to lear how use and manipulate it, but after this, its really easy
Other bad thing in webflow is the you get stuck to his host
This would be crucial in order to approve the project and values with the board team, for example
Another problem is the lack of plugins compared to WordPress
If something goes wrong, their support is absent and you're stuck building new site on a different platform
In two adjectives: BAD and ANNOYING, I regret it."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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