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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for RoboHead

I started using RoboHead after I had experience with another PM software (Wrike) which was extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. RoboHead had a little bit more of a learning curve, which admittedly made me a little slow to embrace the software. Since then, I've really come around on RoboHead and found it to be quite useful. I think the software could be a little more streamlined and the UI could definitely use a face lift. I would look at Wrike for inspiration on the UI side, but think that RH is vastly superior on the actual planning/backend side of things.

Richard M. O.

About RoboHead

RoboHead is a project management solution for in-house marketing and creative groups to manage your people, deadlines, as well as the creative review and approval process. Manage your projects from start to finish with customizable job request forms, resource management, online feedback and approvals, asset management, and robust reporting. It's easy to learn and use, and has a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Most popular feedback for Intervals

The ability to organize tasks within projects but also by module and milestone. It makes it very easy to analyze upcoming tasks, timelines and total scope of work. This also makes it an excellent team communication tool, with task commenting, assignments and other notifications – Interval's functionality really helps our team be collaborative vs. working in silos.

Stephanie W.

About Intervals

Intervals is the ideal professional services automation platform for small businesses that need a better way to manage projects, people, and time. Our unique set of tools track and report every last detail to help companies know where their efforts are going and increase utilization, billable time, and profit margins. Built by and for small businesses and trusted globally since 2006. Intervals is fully featured and customizable to match your workflow. Free 30-day Trial.

RoboHead reviews

I like it despite the glitches I can still work and get the Job done.

- Rene H. Graphic Designer

RoboHead solves a lot of challenges that we would have if we didn't have a software like this. Our little team of 2 people process and traffic anywhere from 100 to 240 active projects within our RoboHead account at any given time. There is no way that our little team of 2 could keep all of that straight and get half the amount of work done that we do if we didn't have a software that could help us track and automate to help keep those projects moving.

- Nicole N. Marketing Project Administrator

Sometimes it can be glitchy and the learning curve for some is quite steep. I would say most colleagues and clients adopt it easily but about 20% don't and they end up pulling reviews out of RH defeating the purpose of the system.

- Elizabeth B. Assistant Director | Graphic Designer

Intervals reviews

Intervals allows us to keep track of billable time without too much thought. By simply starting a timer for a task or a general timer, we can make sure we're tracking our billable hours completely. I also love that we are able to receive emails directly into our intervals workflow and assign them as tasks to the appropriate project.

- Elaine L. Partner at Nuvonium, LLC

I love the intuitive interface. The project management and time tracking has been a life saver for our business!

- Stephen F. Business Development Manager

I wish there were an easier way to attach sales tax to individual tasks for "non-web"projects. Right now you have to make a separate project for print projects like logos or brochures. It's easy enough to do, but we are always lookijng for "easier" :-) These print projects inevitably come along with web design if one has the skills.

- Bill G. Owner

Pros & cons


I like that all tasks and comments can be kept together, as well as reviews and various versions of reviews
I like the ease of editing online
I really like the review tool - they just made some great updates that allow you to attach photos to your comments which is really helpful
I love that templates are customizable and tasks for projects are automated to go to the next steps
There are Gantt charts that are so easy to manage and rearrange schedules
Great tool for keeping track of several projects with nice reporting functions
Using RoboHead has allowed us to increase on-time delivery."
Sometimes files are hard to find if not properly tagged
The lack of being able to build subtasks under tasks can make things difficult
I think the UI is a little underwhelming, and could be improved to make the product look/feel more advance
Reporting continues to be a constant struggle for us
I really struggle with the reporting feature
We have found it very difficult to get the data we need out of the system."


I looked at a lot of other systems, including BaseCamp, Asana and a few others that are commonly recommended
Intervals was the best fit for what we were seeking
Ease of reports and estimations for business proposals
Setting up custom summery reports at predefined time, custom pie chart reports
Comprehensive set of features to set and handle any scale projects
We generally use for time tracking capabilities only, which is easy from a user perspective
The reporting capabilities are good as well."
If intervals allowed you to enter hours in start/stop time blocks, then I could skip the spreadsheet and have realtime feedback on my budget
This is inefficient and duplicates effort, but I need to be able to enter it in time blocks in order to be accurate
The main weak point for us is not having the choice of unit of measure for times
Actually we base our proposals and contracts on days, not on hours
I was using this tool for two years couple of years back and stopped using due to downturn in my business."

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