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Category: Documentation Tool

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Most popular feedback for RocketDocs

After over 20 years of using different RFP database management systems, I am impressed with the usability and ease of organization in the system. The speed with which my team can locate and update responses is impressive. RocketDocs also seems to be in a period of time where they are introducing new features quickly that extend the functionality. Examples include consistent improvements to reporting and administration aspects. We are a large organization pushing past 1,000 records, and the Libraries and Taxonomy structure (including freeform tags) are beneficial with data management. Some RFP teams may find great benefits from their RapidDocs feature. Ask them to demo for you. It automates commonly used information into templates.

Philip M.

About RocketDocs

RocketDocs' response management and sales enablement solutions leverage an integrated content hub to boost your efficiency and empower your success. With over 25 years of experience in the response management industry, we know what it takes to build long-lasting, valuable, efficient solutions. Create faster responses, better proposals, and bigger wins.

Most popular feedback for DocDigitizer

We use DocDigitizer as part of our fully automated Accounts Payable process. We receive and scan (for physical invoices) supplier invoices, which feed DocDigitizer for document classification and data extraction. DocDigitizer then integrates with our Document Management software, filling document metadata associated with each invoice (supplier, invoice number, subject, etc), and then integrates with the ERP to create a pre-filled invoice register in the system. From our back-office team perspective, DocDigitizer is a silent but super effective part of the process. The team is notified that a new invoice was uploaded in the document management system and that a pre-filled invoice record was created in the ERP.

Alexandre L.

About DocDigitizer

AI-Cognitive data capture solution with human in the loop that provides 100% accuracy and 60% cost-saving in document processing. Zero setup, zero warm-up and Full Pay as You Go. Combines AI and Machine Learning to carry an innovative document analysis that enables data capture from any document, regardless of its format or layout. It's a SaaS-based solution no development or deployment needed, just plug and play. Also, it is integrable with ERPs and CRM systems via API.

RocketDocs reviews

This software helps me with duties of the my position.

- Brett L. Proposal Analyst I

User friendly, centralized information, easy to update

- Megan W. Associate

RocketDocs helps me manage my time efficiently and enables me to craft quality RFP responses that are accurate, approved, and put our best foot forward.

- Elizabeth F. Associate, Institutional Business Development

DocDigitizer reviews

It is helpful software for a user who deals with a mountain of paper and has to extract the data.

- Siti Raziah A. Information Technology Assistant

The process of reading invoices in a company is somewhat critical. Being able to find a tool that can do this reading with over 95% reliability is very important to be able to automate this process.

- David G. RPA Analyst

Despite improvement in this area I think they could improve their technical documentation and that we feel still that is a working in progress so we can be a little more independent of their support

- Ana M. CEO

Pros & cons


Im glad that you don't have to clear the cache anymore
Good improvements and right direction
PMAPS is easy to use and has a lot of sorting capabilities to help you better narrow down the information that you're looking for
I like that you can set categories and sub-categories to filter by
I also appreciate the save function
It is easy to onboard new users and procedures for use are easy to follow."
Sometimes the system is glitchy which can be scary and frustrating when working on an important document (or any document for that matter)
When the Q&A is updated, only one instance is removed from Compliance Central
So Compliance Central just gets bigger and bigger and becomes essentially useless
Though not about the software itself, I don't feel there should be charges for additional training (for writer turnover)
When working on PMAPS cloud version of Excel of Microsoft Word, there is no autosave feature, and it's not uncommon for the program to run into errors and forcibly shutdown."


The possibility to change the Data Schema and request a new API Key to deliver new solutions, new workflows and new business processes to our customers
Makes solutions more flexible.It's an easy to use and configure tool and the reliability it provides is very high.
The possibility of autonomously requesting new data schemas on the platform
Despite improvement in this area I think they could improve their technical documentation and that we feel still that is a working in progress so we can be a little more independent of their support

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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