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Category: Video Editor Tool
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roxio reviews

The need to burn DVDs and Blurays is still coming up in 2019. Toast has really simplified the process to the point where I have been exclusively using the software since 2008. The simplicity in burning discs from a disc image or ISO folder make it easy to bring in DVDs created in Adobe Encore or even DVD Studio Pro and make the duplications once I've QCed the final disc image.

- Mike G. Editor

I work at a church which requires weekly DVD authoring and duplication, and there's no better software than Toast to make authoring DVDs a snap

- Zack S. Sound & Media Director

Toast is a nice software to quickly create a DVD video with a basic menu for video files. The compression quality seems to be better than iDVD when trying to compress a lot of video time onto one single layer DVD.

- Mike G. Media Producer

Filmora reviews

Overall, I am using this software for the last 2 years and I am very happy. I have also recommended this software to many of my friends and I highly recommend it to others too.

- Prabhakar U. CMO

It is a program that I have liked a lot, I have created a large number of videos with this software and it has facilitated some work when it comes to customizing them, as a content editor it has been one of the best programs I have used.

- Eduardo L. Engineer

although filmora is always my first choice always but i really wish if they can make it as cool as it was in the old version

- Rajesh C. artist

Pros & cons


I really like this product because it was easy to use and it had a very small learning curveWith a resent computer replacement and moving to the windows 10 environment I had to have a software
I had been a ROXIO user for many years so it was not a hard decision to look for a new ROXIO product
My I.T
staff found just that and it is up and working amazing
I could not ask for anything to be more user friendly and work any better.Best part about this software is it allows you to finalize a CD after putting data on it
This prevents anymore data from being copied to the disk
Ideal in a secure environment.

The software is great there are no cons
The program is big and takes a really long time to install
Unfortunately it is missing some features for example to ability to create image dvd or cd's i would like this feature especially to back up some of my old cd's


After 2 years of using this software I am pretty happy with it
This is perfect software for beginners and amateurs
The fact that I could do simple adjustments like audio detaching and clip transitions were really amazing
The pack of beautiful transitions and effects are without doubt very impressive
The quality of the video after editing is also good and is available in many sizes and qualities to export it
More than an excellent experience, and I am now dependent on the program in my work, It helps me a lot in my content creator work."

Takes at least 1/2 minute to save existing projects and hangs ALL THE TIME
I regret so much using this software, and spending a day wasting my time on it when it just hangs and all my edits are lost
The new version of Filmora X lags when there are a lot of videos in it
I really hate green screen result
Its still had a bad result
And anyway, this problem is common with most video editing software."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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