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Benchmark Email

Category: Communication Tool

Industries: Communication, Marketing, Education



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Most popular feedback for Rumble

Rumble isn’t a new website. It’s been around since 2013. That’s when it was launched by technology entrepreneur CEO and founder Chris Pavlovski. In August 2020, Pavlovski felt YouTube was unjustly censoring and pulling select videos which did not conform to YouTubes own set of values and beliefs. In response to his belief, Pavlovsky decided to shift the focus of Rumble. Going forward, he said, Rumble would be a site that allowed creators of videos to freely express thoughts and views, without fear of unjust censorship. That’s not to say that Rumble doesn’t censor any videos. A video which includes unlawful content, such as pornography or bullying, would not pass the editorial review process. Rumble would adhere to the principle of free expression and be “immune to cancel culture,” Pavlovski said. Video content creators could post videos on Rumble, which would operate as a “free and open internet” site where users could post videos and free express their views. On Rumble, users would be free from “cancel culture” Pavlovsky said. And at the same time, users would become profit sharing users, who could make money. Rumble filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google Search in January 2021, claiming it controlled search results, meaning users searches didn’t freely explore all results. The lawsuit is ongoing. Meanwhile, the use of the Rumble video platform grows. In 2021, there were 36 million average users per month. That’s an increase from 1.6 million users per month in 2020. In January 2022, Rumble had 39 million users.

Lisa Prince

About Rumble

We are for people with something to say and something to share, who believe in authentic expression, and want to control the value of their own creations. We create technologies that are immune to cancel culture. Because everyone benefits when we have access to more ideas, diverse opinions, and dialogue. Join us. We are on a mission to protect a free and open internet.

Most popular feedback for Benchmark Email

When choosing an email marketing service, I primarily considered well-known tools. I reviewed the free demo versions of these tools when making a comparison. One tool in particular stood out above the rest: Benchmark Email. I started using it immediately without any need for a manual. Additionally, its price is cheaper than other domestic email sending tools. The reporting features are also easy to comprehend and understand. Therefore, I recommend Benchmark Email to anyone that has recently switched to an email marketing tool and isn't fluent in marketing automation terminology.

Manuel H.

About Benchmark Email

Ignite customer relationships with our easy-to-use email marketing and marketing automation platform. Quickly build eye-catching emails with our drag & drop email builder, and make sure every send is optimized for delivery with our email marketing checklist. Landing pages, forms and surveys make it simple to grow your subscriber list. Building email campaigns that convert was never easier. - 100+ employees in 15 countries - 9 Supported languages - Devoted Support 24/7

Rumble reviews

Rumble needs improvements like loading progress, progress bar thumbs, and hiding progress bar when in fullscreen, etc. But overall, its a great platform, very fast, responsive. Sad that the Android app is not upto the mark.

- Akshay Nair

Ok, Made a Rumble accnt. to expand my viewer reach. Somewhere in my account set up it asked my to basically choose a plan. I do not remember the exact wording, but I did not want to give any rights or controls to my content. So I opted to stop and delete my accnt before it ever began. For reasons unknown to me, it will not let me delete my accnt. I wish I had looked at the reviews people had written before hand, but hindsight tells me I did right by stopping before adding MY video content and giving Rumble control. I shall stick with the UGETube, the platform thats been very good so far. I have absolutely no issues with UGETube. For all of you that have issues with Rumble, I recommend you go check it out UGETube. UGETube is a perfect alternative to YouTube and way less hassle than Rumble, apparently. You left wingers that complain about the flood of conservatives that came to rumble need not apply.

- Ron Bennett

Rumble is a right wing disinformation platform that promotes conspiracy theories, manipulated videos and general violent hate filled garbage. This site is not for the faint of heart and should be shut down for manipulating political and anti social discourse. The worst social media platform on the planet. They never allow alternative views. They censor or won’t post anything other than right wing garbage. AVOID.

- Adam Shane

Benchmark Email reviews

Very good! Customer support responded quickly to my inquiries. For emailing your customer base easily and on a regular basis - this is good value for the money.

- Bob T. Online Radio Expert

I think this is a good free software to use for basic email marketing.

- Jaden Rose W. CEO

Overall, I am satisfied and will continue to use Benchmark . I started on a Free Trial and upgraded to a paid service. I plan on sticking to Benchmark for a quarterly newsletter and using to send invitation or special emails.

- Andrew D. Research Manager

Pros & cons


Good platform monetizing users videos with good titles, original content
Many users like that there’s no need to build subscribers before you start to earn money with your first video on the Rumble platform
Rumble editors help with your video platform titles and good descriptions.
To date, YouTube has a stronger broad audience of users
Licensing Options – In order to use the Publisher Rumble platform, you give Rumble exclusive rights to manage and share your video
With non-exclusive users the video only appears on Rumble
To date, users report that Rumble can’t match YouTube’s upload speeds.

Benchmark Email

This has been the best e-mail system we have used
Consistent in delivery, accurate reporting, and analytics
The design of the email is very easy
Also, the template of the email is very beautiful
The templates available are modern and attractive even the free ones
I've experienced great support and sending my first email was fairly easy
Drag & Drop feature is a good selling point."
They make the cancelation process a pain
You need to find the hidden link and go via chat where they make you waste 30 min asking you stuff to avoid cancelation
Sometimes can be picked up by spam filters, which is definitely a worst case scenario for our campaigns
We did not have so much problems with the Mailchimp service which leads me to think that Benchmark is just not as well known and accepted
Most of the email appears to be arriving in people's spam inboxes
Can't seem to resend email to people who have soft bounces."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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