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Category: Email Finder/Verifier

Industries: Communication, Marketing, Business/Productivity


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Category: Email Finder/Verifier

Industries: Communication, Marketing, Business/Productivity


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Most popular feedback for SalesIntel

Smooth. From the first time I used it, its been smooth, easy-to-use and provides extremely valuable information to help be successful

Jack K.

About SalesIntel

marketing and sales teams the tools they need to exceed inbound goals and fill their pipeline. We provide B2B intelligence using patented AI technology and we have the largest database of mobile and direct-dial phone numbers, an industry-leading 95% accuracy rate, and on-demand research to find customized data that their customers need. Best For For growth-focused sales and marketing teams looking for human-validated, 95% accurate B2B contact information. SalesIntel is built for teams looking to scale their outreach through quality data.

Most popular feedback for Adapt

This has been a terrific service when I've been stumped on an email for a contact in LinkedIn! If there's ever a time when I cannot find the email another way, I would say 75% of the time I can get it from Adapt prospector

Julie H.

About Adapt

Adapt is a global B2B contact and company database provider across multiple industries. Adapt has 500,000+ users and 100 million business contacts, including industry-specific company database and contact information such as job title, direct dial, and email addresses. Adapt is a unified sales accelerating platform with the industry-leading products Lead Builder, and Prospector. With robust CRM integration and chrome extension, Adapt’s database enables sales representatives, marketing leaders, recruiters and decision-makers to connect faster, engage seamlessly and start prospecting without any delay. From finding the right connects to building qualified leads and engaging with prospects, Adapt is built for modern marketers and sales teams to hit the target faster.

SalesIntel reviews

Simple to use Chrome extension, nice filters to view relevant contacts only

- Joseph L. Co-Founder

I have found the data to be accurate. The interface is user friendly and quick to navigate through.

- Cory B. Manager of Sales Development

Easy to use product that helps when the other forms of data location come up empty.

- Jason E. Business Development Representative

Adapt reviews

Adapt has provided us a great service as we grow our company and need cost-effective ways to market our products. They obviously care about the quality of service they provide, and they go to great lengths to ensure their data is clean and well organized.

- Michael W., Co-Funder, Ai4.

We have used for some time now as our primary email finding tool and found it to be outstanding. It is very easy to use, have a user-friendly interface, is fast and most of all, it is accurate. We have tried other competitors in this market and have found to be significantly better than the rest and we recommend it for any business that needs their services.

- Sean Keough, Executive Director, EQOS Global Plc

It has helped us tremendously with connecting to eCommerce champions who can get our message to decision makers and reduce their shopping cart abandonment rates.I recommend it highly, thank you for such a useful tool!

- Melanie ter Borg Partner and Co-Founder, Nextgen Parcel Technologies

Pros & cons


The accuracy of the software is outstanding, it provides accurate details of the audience you are trying to find
It provides several options for the most part on contact numbers and emails
By far one of the best tools that I have used
The staff is super friendly and VERY responsive
Great experience so far
Smart team that has been very responsive
They have been a great partners with us and surely I would recommend the business."
Data was limited for many accounts
I found it difficult to find direct lines through the SalesIntel tool
Nothing is worse than spending time pounding away on the phone with bad contact information
It's lack of company and contact detail for agriculture
There aren't any current features that give me any reason to complain."


Adapt's email finding feature is life-saving and essential
It is super easy to use and there is an integration to Google Chrome as well as to Linkedin
More than that it gives you availability to track your emails which helps you to deal with your tasks.
I would be happy if they can develop the email tracking function
Sometimes I write and get a reply back but still Adapt shows that my email had not been read yet
And data for email finding is not the worst but could be better of course.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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