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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Productivity, Marketing, Financial


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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Productivity, Business


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Saviom reviews

Saviom has a similar resource management workflow which we follow in Zafin. The functional item configuration and the flexibility of adding it to user panel is good.

- George K. Senior Manager Operations

Since we have just purchased time will tell on support and response to needs. We hope it goes very well and look forward to the diversity of the system for managing resources. We fill we may have just touched on the things this application could do for us in the long term.

- Joel M. Scheduler for division

probably the video conferencing training. Partially due to internet limitations, but conditions have to be perfect. As the audio cuts in and out due to instability and also when person A or B speaks, it is hard to have a proper interactive training setup.

- Craig B. director of Peformance Reporting and Resourcing

Projectworks reviews

I really enjoy using it, the UI is very easy to get used to. Excellent program/software to help with operational and project management. I am excited to see what other features are coming up!

- Mia U. Business Manager

1. The ongoing personalised support. This made the implementation process run very smoothly. Also, it has meant that any issues that arose after transition have been dealt with quickly and in-person (via video call). 2. The intuitiveness of Projectworks features. Very easy to use. 3. The openness to feedback and the resulting continuous improvement of the software.

- Natalie N. Finance Manager

it's not as "all-in-one" in terms of CRM as our previous software was, so we had to find other ways of managing that, but overall the streamlined nature of ProjectWorks makes it a lot easier for the everyday user to navigate and we have seen that reflected in the take-up of ProjectWorks by all members of our team.

- Meg B. Studio Designer

Pros & cons


Learning new software is exciting and at the same time challenging
Saviom team is very helpful
Product support was readily available and helpful
Provides great visibility of areas that need focus in terms of resource shortages and/or project prioritisation
Still learning the reporting areas and utilization due to the newness of the system, am excited that the alerts could help identify shortfalls and over scheduling
The depth of filters is very comprehensive and detailed
Ability to filter from resources to project levels is great."

As the audio cuts in and out due to instability and also when person A or B speaks, it is hard to have a proper interactive training setup
So much so that we were getting complaints that Saviom was only accessible whilst connected to the network in the office
Any person who excesses the system is charged a licence fee
If you have over 50 employees this cost accumulates very quickly."


I love using ProjectWorks, it is hands down the best project management tool I have used
From initial involvement through to rollout, [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has been great in demonstrating Projectworks capabilities and uses within our business
Great project management tool, great experience
Great experience and a great team to work with."

Don't automatically update / record annual leave balances of staff
Here is a suggestion, maybe if somebody has been given 20 hours on a certain project a warning could show up if the user is going over the amount of time given
Dont know how to do that though
Missing mobile app with start stop time tracking, easier entry of repetitive tasks (no auto suggestions)
No Outlook read my calendar translate to timesheet as draft, with AI module
Accidentally entering a time logging against the wrong code can be a pain to rectify."

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