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Category: PDF Tool
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Sejda reviews

Sejda makes it effortless to process PDF Documents for Google Workspace. We can pull in all the files stored in Google Drive, this eliminates the duplication of file uploading. We can also save files directly to Google Drive and other Cloud Storage Providers.

- Nibinesh S. IT Administrator

The best thing is that it keeps the Document Original even after editing it, plus it matches the fonts from the pdf to make it easier to edit it because sometimes you don't have time all the time in the world.

- Vikram P. Customer Service Associate

Most websites are good at compressing,merging the pdfs but i dont think there are many websites that are good at editing pdfs. Sejda PDF editor simply beats all others in this regard.

- Afsana A. Consultant

Markup reviews

The free drawing to create my notes and symbols for correcting compositions, particularly when I don't only want to add words but rather colors or lines under terms that need to be changed. Very visual, easy to handle. I like tagging as well. I find the ability to make comments and draw on top of pdfs, word documents, and all kinds of documents significant, and that I can save the image of the markup.

- Christina v. Freelance Writer

This app is pretty well-designed and I like how there's both an app and a browser version. It's convenient to save and markup parts of articles and share them easily. Markup allows you to save text fragments immediately while you're browsing - you can share within your group so it's great for collaborative projects.

- Elizabeth H. Senior Digital and Graphic Designer

This is my favorite PDF app so far. It works well and I'm able to highlight all sorts of documents. I have been using it for a couple of years, I have thoroughly enjoyed using this convenient tool for my PDFs, on my iPhone and my iPad. It has come in really handy and seamless across all my devices.

- Silvana G. Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Pros & cons


I love how I can share my PDF with Facebook, Twitter and even to my email
My favorite thing about this PDF editor is how I can add my company signature to it
I love that it allows me the ability to edit up to 3 PDFs (adding text boxes, removing text, adding/removing pictures) per hour
It is a true PDF editor that allows you to edit documents
If you download the desktop version you never have a limit of how many things you can edit and save
What I like most about Sejda is the ability to have everything done on either desktop or browser."

Devoid of most file editing capabilities, so you can not use it to compose a PDF subsciption is too costly
It will cost you as much as microsoft office 365 which seems way to much for a PDF tool
Also the number of manus is crazy
Over 40 options that you need to read and find the task that you try to perform
Similarly, the batch uploading feature is also missing on this application
I dislike how this PDF editor has a desktop version that's only for MAC, Linux, and Windows."


We can summarize all type of online content
This app makes it easy to save and markup articles online
very useful in both work and home setting

Link up to other file is not correctly done
The mobile version of the app can be a bit slow, occasionally.

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