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Category: Product listing Tool
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SellerActive reviews

Been using SellerActive for about 3 years now. Great for selling on multiple channels and would like to streamline inventory management in one place.

- Michael K. President

Their platform is very clunky and difficult to use as they intended. Their relationship with Deliverr was disastrous and both their recommended 3PL and SellerActive did not work consistently with order tracking and reporting to platforms like Amazon for us.

- Kyle H. CEO

We are very happy with the software and excellent customer service we have received. the team is responsive and we are very comfortable with the system and how it is functioning.

- Rudy N. President

Image Relay reviews

As I said above in having multiple properties with different overall approach our biggest win was creating a keyword library to standardize asset collection across our resorts. It then provided a simple way to find what we or someone externally was looking for. Created an efficient way to help our brands achieve goals through their visuals.

- Greg F. VP of Marketing

Overall, Image Relay is a solid product and the interface is good. Customer support has always been responsive and good.

- Steve J. Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy

The Image Relay team is one of the most responsive vendors I've ever worked with. They not only respond whenever we have a question or need some help, but they value our input into how to make the platform better, and work my "wish list" into future development. Their collaboration with their clients to improve the software is beyond anything I've ever experienced. They're awesome.

- Sarah B. Global Content and Community Manager

Pros & cons


I can't believe how amazing this platform is
Everyone I've worked with is EXCELLENT
It is Simple to get started and very good assistance to onboard with lots of opportunity for training
This program streamlined our inventory management needs
It has been amazing to see a company that's so dedicated to helping their customers
Been using it for years, saves time
Highly Recommended for Multi Channel sellers."

The development team never seems to know what causes the slowness to occur randomly
Unfortunately, that issue has been an ongoing frustration with still no clear resolution
Product listing efforts must be duplicated on between SA and most Marketplaces
Their Tech Staff is a bit lagging in getting new features completed...but most users will not run into this issue
Buggy software, rude support, upper management won't even talk to customers so you're stuck
Their platform is very clunky and difficult to use as they intended."

Image Relay

Search functions are good and seem to work well
Keywording and tagging is easy once you get it going, and be consistent in your entering of keywords
ImageRelay has been a really useful tool for our organization for sharing marketing assets, both within the company and for outside partners/vendors
I like how comprehensive the search feature is, how easy it is to understand hierarchies of image sorting, and the accessibility of the software
Wonderful platform that has been very useful for out Brand."

I have used similar platforms with other vendor partners, and I find they are a little more difficult to operate, or the search results require two to three queries to yield what I am looking for
There is no function to search baguette ring for example and find all of the images
The notification email when someone's subscribed to a collection and it gets updated are vague and not very helpful
But these are all minor complaints
However, customers are wanting to know things and lazy to research."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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