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Category: Product listing Tool
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Category: Product listing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Social Media, Business


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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

Sellercloud reviews

It allows you to manage, list and sell products across over 11 platforms simultaneously, it also allows you to manage the shipping of those orders directly through the application unlike other options such as ChannelAdvisor for a far cheaper price.

- Mike R. CEO

Able to manage all my platforms in one place. Can set things up once and just post from SellerCloud instead of having to navigate seven separate sites. More time efficient.

- AJ J. Digital Sales Supervisor

Sellercloud is super robust and customizable!

- Dave C. Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Productsup reviews

We are dealing with a lot of data transformation challenges and Productsup has helped us overcome these in a very efficient way and has greatly reduced the amount of duplication in our work. It has also greatly improved the speed with which we are able to publish products and the quality of the content we publish as we are able to extract and structure more meaningful information from the data we receive.

- Antoan M. Team Leader, Product Data Management

Ease of use, level of expertise from support, willingness to help figure out account solutions; best overall feed product I've worked with

- Justin L. Director

Very flexible Product Management Tool that helped us implement all rules we need. Reliable, consistently working well without anything braking. The best customer service I ever met.

- Alice P. Digital Performance Manager

Pros & cons


My favorite thing about Sellercloud is their willingness and ability to customize the platform
Great at inventory management, catalog, and has other features to keep you informed or help save time
I mainly use it to work on orders, like, canceling an order on Seller Cloud, and it automatically submits it to the main site
Sellercloud is a great program to synchronize all of your inventory and orders
We have a medium size business less than 20 workers, and we are growing so this program was great for us."

The interface is difficult to navigate and isn't user-friendly (up to today's standards)
Lack of updates stipulate on channels (categories)
The old design was very un-intuitive and the new design is still missing some basic functionality
A little bit overwhelming first few times I logged in, just alot of words, and the lag time between running and report and it being generated is a process that should be 1 click to output."


The support of ProductsUp is amazing, and super friendly
They know what they're doing, and not once disappointed me when asking for help
Once you know where all the features are, the product functions nicely and is easy to understand
The recent updates to the platform are great
Great experience working with the reps
Great technology that we're fully integrating as an important part of our technology stack
Great feed management tool - easy and flexible to work with."

If I were to point out a con, it would be that there are so many options and functions available that sometimes the everyday use ones are hard to find
Probably the biggest drawback is the lack of a change history and user permissions
There is no view access and once you make a change there's no going back
Granularity or Error Messaging to assign Error notifications by type to different people is not quite there but you still are able to set many notifications to a group
Some fonctionality are difficult to use, and sometimes we don't have any document for some existing feature."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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