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Category: Learning Management System
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ShareKnowledge reviews

Ease of use Scalability to the entire organization Very strong technical team supporting the software

- Matt M. Business System Analysts

Best software support experience than any other product -- LMS and other. Functionality easy for learners. Administrative functionality is answers all needs.

- Tracy H. Chief Learning Officer

Shareknowledge's LMS lacks many of the standard features and functionalities you get from a more established company. The software appears to be built by someone whose knowledge of SharePoint exceeded their knowledge of learning management systems. Any issue we have had with the software required a custom update to resolve our issues. Many of the issues were to "fix" basic functionality that is included in other vendor's LMS.

- Eric M. Training Manager

Edvance360 reviews

Edvance360 has been easy to work with. Our staff and users are pleased with the wide variety of features and functions of the system. Edvance360 staff are communicative. We have added several custom features to our LMS and have been pleased with the pace of the project and end-result of the features.

- Sara C. Online Learning Coordinator

We started with needing to get 100 satellite offices onto a standard learning platform, with local staff at each location from 3 to 50 staff. Our legacy system was clumsy and desperately needed an upgrade. E360 allowed us to meet this goal quickly and benefit from an upgraded experience for our clients, while making it easier for us to facilitate the training courses for everyone.

- Rich P. IT Consultant

The interface is not too intuitive, but everything else is very good. Really not complaints about anything from start to finish with our setup.

- Nicole T. Consultant

Pros & cons


I previously used moodle and shareKnowledge is far better
This system is easier to use and change, brand, assign training, run reports and our primary support person is great
Overall Great System with Opportunities for Improvement
Our rep came to our location for three days, but shared his expertise that will last for months to come
His professionalism was superb and did not detract from any part of the presentation
Our rep is very easy to speak with, understandable in translation from his experience to a novice, and is patient
Their positive behavior is helping our company find the solutions to it's needs."

Some of the reports are hard to navigate if you're looking for very specific information, but overall you can almost always manipulate the report to receive what you're looking for
Reporting could use enhancements
It was difficult for management to view their data, just because some of the terminology was confusing
Pulling and making sense of reports can be tricky
Unfortunately, that is about where the benefits stop
Shareknowledge as a learning management system is a poor design."


As both the administrator & user of Edvance 360, I am very happy to report that the students, faculty, and I all have great things to say about it
I have nothing but superlatives for this outstanding software and the friendly, professional team that stands behind it
If you are looking for the best LMS, look no further than e360
We also are extremely happy with Capterra-they were a perfect source for finding the right LMS for us
We would highly recommend both Edvance360 and Capterra
I appreciate what Edvance360 allows us to access for our classes and having so many resources available for students."

Having to click so many places to get to 1 spot - navigation was a bit difficult
Very random con but often emails from the system get stuck in participants spam folders
We are constantly telling people to check their spam folder for things
There are some integration's that don't work very well so have had to do some extra work to accommodate for that
The video conferencing add on has given us the most trouble
Lastly, it's annoying to have to upload everything to the repository prior to being able to add it to a class."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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