Sharp Curiosity vs Toca Nature by Toca Boca

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Sharp Curiosity

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia

Toca Nature by Toca Boca

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education



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Most popular feedback for Sharp Curiosity

Great for students!! This app is awesome for assisting students become independent readers. Initially I could not get the audio to work but I contacted the developer to help me figure out the issue. Seems the iPad has a glitch which MUTES some apps, even though the MUTE option is not selected. The way the app breaks down the words clearly showing the blends and digraphs enables students to learn not only the word but the sounds as well. The ability to download additional book titles makes it so that nearly every word my students come across is pronounced correctly in a realistic voice. Great filter for words which should not be said out loud!!! Kudos!!

ILS Lake County Schools

About Sharp Curiosity

By demonstrating and explaining how the letters and sounds in a word fit together, Reading Machine aids readers in learning new words. When readers can't or don't want to ask someone else for clarification on difficult vocabulary, the app is ideal. Like a personal reading tutor, the app guides readers into figuring out a new word based on the word’s letters and sounds. While reading traditional books or other written materials, readers can use the app. They can utilize the app on the iPad in addition to e-books, webpages, and other digital content. The app works well for older readers who don't like to ask for clarification on vocabulary when they read independently and is a delightful complement to parent-child reading time. Any age group that is learning to read can boost their confidence as they learn new words independently with the help of the app. On, videos demonstrating how the app functions are accessible. The app's underlying lexicon is powered by a genuine human voice with support for over 5,000 words and a text-to-speech engine for pronouncing all other words. It was developed by a parent, learning scientist, and reading researcher. The app dictionary offers customized decoding support for each word as readers progress from simple to more complicated terms, covering everything from individual phonemes and letters through multi-letter sounds, syllables, prefixes, suffixes, root words, and full words within compound words. The app also recommends books for kids' interests and reading levels that parents may pick up from the library or bookstore. • The Reading Machine functions as a key decoder to open written words. Use it in conjunction with actual books, either those you already own or books you have checked out from the library. Alternately, utilize it on the iPad together with e-books or websites. • Excellent for struggling or early readers. • Enables you to enjoy reading with your child more because they can figure out words without needing your assistance by using the reading machine. • Children who still need assistance with reading sentences and books are those who already know the sounds that associate with each letter and can read a few words. • Provides complete word decoding and phonics support for every word in more than 125 bestselling early reader books. Even the first chapter of Harry Potter is available on the app for older readers. • For readers with varying interests and reading skills, the app offers lists of suggested books (referred to as "Book Sets"). This is a fantastic resource for identifying books that your reader will like. You may easily find these books for nothing at your local public library. or visit your preferred bookshop. • The app provides phonics support for all the words in the more than 125 books mentioned in the Book Sets, with accurate pronunciations recorded by a real, human voice. • Readers can use text-to-speech voice to hear the entire pronunciation of any word that isn't in the app's dictionary. As a result, they never run out of words. • The 300 most common English words, which account for 65% of all English reading material, are among the words with phonics and decoding support. Many of these terms are commonly labeled “sight words.” • New Book Sets and words can be downloaded for free from within the app as they become available.

Most popular feedback for Toca Nature by Toca Boca

AMAZING* *(Apart from a couple things) Ok so I have been playing this game for YEARS and I am obsessed with it. I love how you can get close and personal on animals and create their homes in whichever way you want; you can make islands for the animals to live on, you can put them on mountains, or you can do mix, something like an enormous forest with a beautiful lake and a small mountain near it. But I think it’s a pain to get all the food for the animals and feed it to them individually, so I think it would be awesome if the foxes and wolves could hunt other prey animals. And also, I think it would be cool if you could add more animals like lions and sharks and birds of prey and like for lions you could add a savanna environment, and birds of prey could live in super high trees, and I was thinking maybe there could be a jungle option with monkeys or jaguars. These are all just my suggestions, so do what you devs want! I’ll be a fan either way. And maybe the animals could be more willing to explore beyond their own territory. And (I bet others have been asking you guys for this too) lots more land space. And maybe you could have save files so that people could have multiple environments at the same time and not have to remake it every time they leave the game. And maybe there could be weather changes along with the night and day thing that’s already been done. Alright, probably the time for me to zip it ! Heh, sorry for keeping you.


About Toca Nature by Toca Boca

Create nature and observe it grow. Plant trees, and a forest will grow. Build a mountain and take in the scenery. Gather berries, mushrooms, or nuts to give to the various animals. As you enjoy everything Toca Nature has to offer, don't forget to take pictures of the incredible moments. We adore how the creatures come to life and the children can see the environments they are best suited to in Toca Nature, a creative and engaging software that allows kids to use their creativity to create their own worlds. The fact that you can use the food you collect to feed the animals in their natural homes is a big hit with kids. Instead of a definite goal, the educational emphasis is on exploration and observation.

Sharp Curiosity reviews

The perfect app! I purchased the app for my 23 year old autistic son who has never been able to read more than a few simple words. He loves the app and uses it every day to de-code words. He is fascinated with "text to speech" and this app has provided a key link in developing word recognition. I would highly recommend this app, particularly for adults with developmental disabilitie

- TheThreeOfUs

This app is phenomenal! This is the missing link for my child. My child is autistic and over the years we have spent thousands of dollars on reading programs delivered as software or paper. None of these programs ever forced my child to pay attention to letter sequence nor did it force him to listen to the syllable sound out. This program does. The best thing is he can push the button a 1000 times during the sound out and the program ignores that input. I love this feature along with the ability to set the rate of the sound out. The only thing that I wish for is a larger database of sounded words for the 2nd grade level books that he is reading like the fly guy series. While most words are in the database a few are not. The words that are not sounded out are not as clear as the ones that are. Thank you so very much for this wonderful app it has already lead to improvement far beyond what I expected. I wish you could have witnessed the transformation from August to October that I have seen and it is 100% due to this app. Again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH you have no how much this has helped us. we have worked on so many dolche words for so many years with no luck for memory or recall until now. I again have hope that my child will learn to read.

- mdkeough

Got a beginning or struggling reader? This is what you are looking for. This app looks so simple, and it is. But it is incredibly powerful and effective. It works wonders with struggling readers and any child you want to give the ultimate school head start or boost. This new keyboard makes it a snap for young kids who can find letters the same way they do in the classroom- by looking at that big alphabet that runs around the room like wallpaper border. If your kids have trouble reading you probably feel like everything you try is tedious and makes their grind through the lessons like a bad day at work. But with this app you can find books about stuff they already think is cool and amazing. When they really WANT the information in the books, reading is a means to that very motivating end. This simple tool is like giving them a shovel at the beach. They don't think about the work of digging. They just dig like crazy to find out what's in that hole! So when they love what they are reading about this is a reading shovel and they'll dig like crazy to find out what's in those books. You will be amazed at how quickly they improve! Beginner readers will impress their teachers. Struggling readers will quickly get past their sense of failure and defeat and start to love reading. What more can you ask?

- youlistenhere

Toca Nature by Toca Boca reviews

Pretty graphics and I like that it has no transactions or anything, but the zooming feature and animal interaction is very limited. You cant move the camera or pinch to zoom in and out, so to interact with the animals and landscape you have to stay dizzyingly close to everything and look in one direction. With games like this I also expect the animals to be able to feed from you and have a type of friendship system with the player and/or the other animals, but all they do is eat and grow

- Carabara Bonanza

It's a really fun & good game! I've spent hours on it, & it's fun to explore & discover new details that are hidden away. I would like to suggest some things though: more space, more options (New animals, new world building materials such as peaceable bushes, moss, ferns), new activities to do or ways to interact with animals (Animals reacting to one another would be a cool feature) & the ability to make caves.

- StoatClaw1012

This truly is one of my favorite apps at age 17. It's relaxing and fun. Though, I have suggestions. One: Maybe add a reset button? It's frustrating to restart the way I do. And: could you add zooming in on the build screen to make building the biome easier? Other than those things, this is a calming game and i love it definitely worth $4

- Nerf Dart (Luca)

Pros & cons

Sharp Curiosity

Great for early or struggling readers
A great guide for finding books your reader will enjoy
Readers can hear the whole word pronunciation with text-to-speech voice
Only break down a few words

Toca Nature by Toca Boca

Gorgeous graphics and captivating music make this a unique and engaging way to experience the natural world -- virtually
Representation and interactions with nature are not completely realistic in this kid-friendly virtual version.

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