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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for simPRO

It has saved us money overall by bringing all employees into the same software program eliminating unnecessary phone calls and conversations internally to determine job status, order status, etc. Customer service is amazing from the training, hand holding during implementation and customer support after the sale. simPRO believes in relationships with their clients. They don't sell you then disappear.

Lori M.

About simPRO

simPRO is a leading global provider of project management software for the trades. Since 2002, simPRO has developed a range of solutions to help businesses work smarter, provide exceptional service and maximize profitability. Over 7,000 businesses with over 200,000 users worldwide use simPRO to streamline their operations. With powerful features for quoting and estimating, scheduling, inventory management, communicating in the field, improving cash flow and reporting.

Most popular feedback for Claromentis

A company wide communication platform that has helped to simplify tons of daily tasks such as training, reporting, and communication with our team on important issues.

Nicholas R.

About Claromentis

Give teams a workplace to call home with our feature-rich, beautifully designed intranet software. Our interactive business platform provides your organisation with a one-stop shop for sharing information, boosting productivity, connecting staff, and collaborating. Benefit from our 20 years of intranet expertise: we've built, designed, and deployed intranets for global organisations both large and small, supporting companies in every industry imaginable.

simPRO reviews

We have had a good experience with Simpro implementation team and our consultant was great. The suppourt team are not as well versed in the software and sometimes don't come up with the correct solution to the problem

- David C. Managing Director

It didnt start well as the original sales person made false claims about some of the features, to the point i refused to have any moe contact with them. and slightly blurred pricing on number of licenses will be charged at what point. also it turns out if you leave your data isnt your data. The one good thing was the person who took the training, just a shame it was such a poor software to train on.

- Martin S. director

Asset management and asset/job history could be more transparent. The system is very much geared towards assets that do not have multiple parts to them as it's difficult to see what parts have been replaced or haven't over time, plus you cannot see total asset spend of callouts.

- Dean K. Marketing & PR Manager

Claromentis reviews

Claromentis has everything we require in an intranet to maintain internal communication inside our company.

- Aziz K. Data Engineer

Best software for store data and manage content and details of employees.

- Chirag A. SEO Executive

We haven't found much we don't like yet, I am sure there will be something we will wish it can do at some point but we haven't seen it yet.

- Grace m. Group Operations Director

Pros & cons


Creates a great communication tool and helps bring clarity throughout the whole company
Simpro is the best software around for the kind of industry we are in
Centralizing our information on customers and jobs is what I really like about the software and the support from simPRO staff is outstanding
The inventory management capabilities are a significant improvement over our previous methods."
Not the easiest program to learn it also is missing some features the would come in handy
Sometimes can be a little sluggish
We have been kicked offline a couple of times
From what I understand Simpro originated in Australia and they use mark up percentage where as in America we use Gross Margin so beware
From a technician and management perspective the platform either doesnt record any of your information for the day because it failed to sync or it crashes and wont log you in on the day."


The ease of functionality, it's ability to expand to serve a variety of needs and streamline some of our processes
We use Claromentis as our central communication and collaboration tool to allow our employees from across the country, both office-based and remote workers, to remain in contact on the go
A comprehensive system in a truly customisable platform
We have been using Claromentis for six months and have already seen the great impact it has had on our operations, and we still have areas to uncover."
It's hard to define exactly, as the software is very much a back end system
This is by no means a reflection on the software, which has always delivered what we've asked for
Unfortunately, the Claromentis platform makes for a messy and poor UI
It is not simple to configure and update
Our version is outdated so that may be why we have some negative feelings towards this platform."

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