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Most popular feedback for Snappa

valuable graphics editors, it is easy to use and has so many great features that can help you produce qualified ads for your commercial works and it is also very reckless.

Saman K.

About Snappa

Snappa makes it a breeze to create graphics for any aspect of your business. Create marketing graphics in a snap.

Most popular feedback for Boosted

I was very excited to use Boosted because it was a new platform for me to use. I have been uploading my Boosted videos that I created onto my social media accounts (Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Business) to bring in traffic to my artistic products that I have on sale during the pandemic. Instead of having to hire a freelancer to create social media posts for me, I have saved thousands of dollars creating social media posts on my own.

Kristie K.

About Boosted

Boosted is an award-winning visual content creation platform that empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs to win at social media marketing and build an online presence. Millions have turned their passion into a business using our professionally designed templates that make their brands and products stand out. Boosted?s high-end marketing videos and animated graphics are crafted to drive optimal results on social media specifically for your chosen industry.

Snappa reviews

Snappa is the best tool I've used to create images for blog posts & Facebook ads. In 5 minutes I can do what used to take me hours to do or pay designers to do.

- SUJAN PATEL, Co-founder of Webprofits

Snappa is a must have tool for the non-designers who publish content online. It's super easy to use and has a nice set of templates, and despite its simplicity offers unlimited possibilities for creative minds.

- OLGA ANDRIENKO, Communications & Social Media Lead @ SEMrush

Snappa has a great library of pre-designed social media banners and layouts, so no need to guess dimensions for different networks. The included stock images are also great.

- Simon D. Marketing manager

Boosted reviews

Short videos are always a good selling /advertising tool and Boosted has made that accessible and economical.

- Parag B. Managing Partner

As mentioned above the software has limited templates from every users perspective. User may have his own footage, but mainly lot many photos to be used in the scene which must be made possible. also, the speed of the scene is pre determined. Hence the option SLOW the speed is shortcoming

- Mangesh V. Managing Director

I just lost all my past videos and it has been impossible to work with the app

- Laly P.

Pros & cons


Snappa is a fast and easy to use social media tool
Especially many businesses
The set designs are beautiful and constructive
And the resize tool is simple and fast.Easy and intuitive tool
I like the user friendly interface.I love the fact that Snappa lets you access plenty cool templates and features even in the free plan
There is nothing wrong with this tool
Prices are really expensive and you can get great results.I switched to another tool because snappa is not upgrading their templates database
They have less templates than other competitors.It doesn't have support for animations and gifs.


Its amazing nonetheless, i love it and I'm happy i downloaded it
I now have professional videos for my page
Boosted has increased my loves and like on social media
M thankful for the platform
Presenting your business in a few seconds is a tough thing to do
Boosted does ist perfectly so everyone is taking notice of what you're doing and feels entertained at the same time
I love the number of templates and the templates themselves
The format on the screen makes it really easy to get started as well as customize."
As mentioned above the software has limited templates from every users perspective
User may have his own footage, but mainly lot many photos to be used in the scene which must be made possible
Few database of video template, some difficulties related to the use of the smartphone
Some templates and sounds are repeated
I'm a difficult client and more selective
Is working horrible now and I lost all my past videos."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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