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Social Animal

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Roxhill Media

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Social Animal reviews

Overall, Social Animal, is great for content creators who really want help with the 'behind the scenes" work. They do all the advertising so you don't have to.

- ShaRay B. Office Manager

The software is easy to use. It just doesn't work well. Awario doesn't work the same way, but brings in orders of magnitude more content on the exact same keywords.

- Solomon K. SEO

Great tool at a great price. They make improvements on a regular basis. Should be part of every digital marketers toolbox.

- Jason J. Digital Marketing Specialist

Roxhill Media reviews

Biographies, article examples, webinars and detail on media outlets' requirements

- Lisa J. Director

Roxhill is an outstanding company - from the software itself to the team behind it. I can't fault it!

- Naomi F. Senior Account Exec

The webinars and journalist alerts are really helpful and mean I can begin PR/journo relationships with background information and knowledge.

- Cassie L. Publicity & Marketing Executive

Pros & cons

Social Animal

I love how easy it is to set up your alerts and how well you can filter through articles
It's a good alternative to more expensive softwares
I've enjoyed using this tool and think it has great potential
Like all younger tools, it will mature over time and the new trending search is an excellent asset to it's arsenal
The thing I like most when use Social Animal is I can smell what content is trending and best content for my strategy, by that I can do research and have a clear overview for my content plan
SA is set up super fast and sends ala Google Alert the most important information from the industry, which helps us to always keep a good overview."

The software is still a bit limited in African countries especially in determining influencers
Sometimes there were no results when I was expecting something to be returned
It just doesn't work well
Awario doesn't work the same way, but brings in orders of magnitude more content on the exact same keywords
I wanted to use this tool to come up with new blog titles on trending topics but so far found it difficult to use for that purpose."

Roxhill Media

Reasonable search/list function, useful for getting an overview of all reporters working for a particular paper (E.g
opening the FT tab will give you pretty much everyone who does anything at the FT, and you can then pick and choose).Details generally accurate.

Communication with Roxhill team/attention from one's personal account manager could be better
Many journalist details often not up to date (E.g
you call someone and they advise they'd left the publication Roxhill says they're writing for years ago), and the Roxhill team doesn’t make an effort to update,Instead suggesting you “email prospect first”
Which, yes, but we all know email often doesn't suffice
So service a bit patchy, but they do make an effort.

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Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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