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Social Board

Category: Social media Tool
Industries: Social Media, Marketing Business


Starting From:

$19.00 /month


Category: Social media Tool
Industries: Social Media, Marketing Business


Starting From:

$12.00 /month

20M+ Downloads

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Social Board reviews

My overall experience of using social board has been pretty amazing so far and I hope it stays that way. If you are also looking for a good software that lets you embed social media feed on blogs or websites then you should definitely go for social board

- Ahmed S. Social media marketing and design expert

The Social Board is easy to use and had just enough customization features out of the box to display what we wanted. We liked the ability to edit each individual item as well as filter out by different hashtags or platforms. It also looks great. The customer service so far has been excellent. They were very attentive and gave me a resolution to an odd issue within a week. I highly recommend The Social Board.

- Brian H. Web Developer

It is a bit pricey for its limitations in my opinion. However, that is all relative. If you are using SocialBoard for business than it is well worth the investment for the relationships.

- Michelle D. Photographer

SocialDog reviews

What I liked the most of this software is being able to get analytics on my followers as well as the well designed graphs for different categories over different timelines.

- Jakub Q. Owner

Very good. Loved the ease of access and the ability to keep up with my data shout having to use google analytics or things of that sort.

- Don G. Produced

I dont think there are a lot ways to customize the information. I want to be able to get certain information per day and other information per week and per month and I dont see how to customize it that way.

- George M. Influencer

Pros & cons

Social Board

This is a very easy program to set up, monitor, and edit
We use this to pull in social posts that use our brand's hashtag and it's great at showing us what employees and customers are saying all on one page!

I wish it showed the captions and not just the pictures
This may be a setting on the backend to control, but my view is strictly picture and you have to click to read the caption.


The UI is super nice
The in depth statistics are just incredible
I loved how much I was able to glean from this short trial
I will say, since my account isn't quite big enough to carry the cost yet, that i will unfortunately not be able to keep the subscription
However, with that being said and having tried a dozen at least other twitter tools, this is by far the most impressive.I havent tried downloading yet as I wanted to wait until the end to have maximum data gathered, but if I get to download to just review this insane data, then I think everyone even bothering to read this should just pull the trigger without a second more.Trust me, it is worth it for the trial, and if your account is more monetized and you can carry the cost, you will absolutely keep it.

The price is a bit much for me since I am only at 6,000 followers
I think im only about halfway rto being able to afford it
Maybe add in something with the new twitter shopping experience? Not much to complain about tbh

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Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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