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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

SONOS reviews

I see the hate and love relationship here. The transition between the old and new app definitely messed some people up but not for me. I don’t know how people’s speakers were lost during the transition, but I can only think of it being a WiFi issue or user error. As a person who works in people’s homes, I can say most of the tech issues are because they don’t know what they’re doing. I mean, it could be the app but I’m just saying. I wasn’t able to update to the Gen 2 app because I was still using a ZP80. I had no idea. At first, I thought my whole entire system couldn’t be updated because Sonos called all my equipment old. This made me angry, knowing all my Sonos from barely a year ago is on a decline. Then I noticed that I was able to check the “compatible” equipment, to which is told me my very old connect was the thing holding me back. I removed it and now all my Sonos is under the new app. No issues with the app or speakers of course. I guess what I’m saying here is Sonos poor communication and stating “anything before May 2020” is considered gen 1 is not only inaccurate it makes people think all the wrong things. ALL my Sonos works with the new app, old and new, just not my Sonos Connect from 2015. It still works with the old app, however. Sonos needs to rectify this with their consumers.

- Tommy Becks

App won’t connect to WiFi, even though every other app on the phone works fine. Won’t allow me to submit diagnostics because of the WiFi problem again. Set alarms sometimes work, which is worse than never working. I’ve been late to work because I was relying on it to wake me up, like it had done consistently for the past year. How do I trust this thing again? Bad lag from the time I pick up my phone to the time I can turn up/down the music or change the song. Sometimes I have to wait a full minute. Website says I can continue to use the S1 app with my old equipment if I prefer, but somebody’s lying. Since I signed on the the new app my equipment is now listed as incompatible. TV sound still connects, and I can manually turn on the last internet radio station I was playing on the app, but I have to use the buttons on the speaker and I can’t change the station. Update: After several days and repeated attempts to delete and reinstall the app I appear to have regained control. How long will it last? Pins and needles! The excitement is

- PJ Pfunk

I have had 13 sonos devices sense gen 2 came out, like 3 plus years. Everything worked perfectly never a problem. It was easy to add a new product. Perfect. I even had it on the 5G of my dual band network. Then S2 upgrade happened. I have speakers disappearing. I have some of my speakers showing up on different networks. To add a new device forget it. It is such a non friendly user process. I read that sonos does not support 5g. Ok so I tried to change networks to my mesh network. I thought I got it. No I can’t get my play 5, playbar or sub to work with the rest of the system. I have restarted my system, reconfigured my router. Nothing had worked. And depending on the phone I use different devices show up on different networks. I hope there is some improvement to the app, because this has taken way to much time to try figure out. I just want my perfect sonos system back to enjoy all over the house and backyard.

- hafa2win

GhostReader reviews

I REALLY like it I’ve enjoyed and recommended this software even before the first GhostReader. GhostReader Plus also has an excellent user interface. The word-processor-like layout is easy to use. When I want sophisticated control over a certain voice, the interface and other features allows me to get professional results (with some practice). If you are having trouble with certain OS X versions (my computer is older), DO NOT use the Apple voice ALEX. Even after a clean install, Alex seems to cause lots of trouble with any text-to-speech software (Apple inc - r u reading this?). The voices you get from ConvenienceWare website (part of your GhostReader ensemble), are excellent. Some of Apple’s voices have improved but ALL of the Infovox iVox VOICES (part of AssistiveWare) are amazing and very realistic. Improvements? I’d like to see a choice/checkbox to read only two letter US-States and not the old three letter method - thus “ill.” is NOT Illinois. Perhaps TAGS does this but words that can be pronounced in different ways such as “Live” could highlight themselves and a pull-down correction could be chosen, then applied to selection or whole document.

- Toxic Kumquat

Solid Product I've tired others. This is comfy and does the job on my Mac Mini Mojave.

- Mac1guy

Converts Columns! I used the free version on a script that was formatted in columns. The 'OCR zones' feature is a nice addition. However, it is tedious to have to select the columns on individual pages. It would be nice to define the zones once for the entire document - something to consider for a paid version. Also, I tried several documents. Some work great, while others have issues with the text, such as only converting what it automatically highlights or randomly leaving out letters from words. Not sure why these happen - maybe the fonts are too small or complex. Not a huge deal, since a processor can spot these errors to be corrected. Thanks.

- poudrbzork

Pros & cons


Superb sound quality
Integrates with existing Sonos system
Alexa integrations works almost exactly the same as on the Echo

Convoluted setup process
No threaded insert for mounting
Alexa setup is not nearly as easy as it should be


Read aloud on your Mac
Use for texts from any app or programMake it sound right
Modify the pronunciation of words
Import different text formatsText, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF
Read easier
With zoom & word highlighting
Personalize your text
Choose different voices
Listen on the go

Limited to Mac user only

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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