Speak and Spell vs Writing Wizard for Kids

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Speak and Spell

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia

Writing Wizard for Kids

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education



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Most popular feedback for Speak and Spell

Largely an excellent app that works very well but needs better voice recognition for received english. I am Australian but my accent is that of received english this app took a few attempts to correctly recognise the word moose however and at first thought I was saying mass. My diction and enunciation are not poor and my accent is not a broad or strong Australian one, on the whole my accent is closer to the queens english than most of Britain speaks with. It should be able to correctly read my voice.

Hen. D.

About Speak and Spell

Speak the word into the tool, and it will spell it out for you on the screen. You can also choose to have the spelling read out. In order to utilize the word in emails and messages, it can also be copied with the proper spelling. The word's definition, history, and a list of synonyms may all be found online. Anyone who has dyslexia or has trouble spelling specific words will find this to be very helpful.

Most popular feedback for Writing Wizard for Kids

A simple app with lots of great settings to help your students with letter formation. Some of my favorite settings are being able to select our Districts handwriting curriculum, in the reports you see a recording of formation strokes and you are able to customize a list of your own words. The students love working on Writing Wizard. Their favorite part is the animation while tracing the letters.

Mary B.

About Writing Wizard for Kids

Your youngster may find learning to write by hand difficult, especially if they have to keep tracing the same letters and numbers. The goal of Writing Wizard is to provide children with an enjoyable and convenient approach to learn how to write by hand. The program contains a ton of features for novice writers, such as worksheets, interactive games, and 13 different typefaces to make the task more interesting. Your child can learn about shapes and numbers as well from it. However, the option to completely tailor the letters to your child's unique needs is my personal favorite aspect. This may entail altering their size or making more complicated letters simpler. While the app is accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store,

Speak and Spell reviews

I often use this app to spell a word that my phone's speech recognition can't get right. It's quite amazing how good it is. It can even spell those long names drug companies give to there products. One thing that is needed is the text of the definitions is way way to large.

- Ron. A.

Works great for me they said it might not because it's older and my phone is newer but it works well

- Pam. R.

It would be very useful for my toddler if the robot speak slowly when spelling

- Dan. C.

Writing Wizard for Kids reviews

This app has great features for early learning and teachers, specifically during distance learning. However, as a virtual teacher, I'm disappointed that the app hasn't done more to make it user friendly for students to use at home and teachers to collect data. Handwriting is one of the most challenging things to measure via distance learning. I would love for the app to have student log ins so my students can use it at home. I reached out to the company and was just told they don't offer that.

- Keely Hokenson

It's a fun app for the little boys however you don't get the full alphabet, only numbrrs 1-7, like five words out of 20, the images are misleading, and there are 10 mouths to feed at my house so we have extra money to upgrade apps that don't even tell you that you don't get everything and it's hard for the three year olds to use and it should be easy. Also there are a lot of ads that are right in your face that get accedentally clicked by little fingers as well as pop up ads that get invasive.

- ThelastHope

I liked this app when we first bought it. Both of my sons really liked it as well. Unfortunately, my son broke his tablet and now it's making us purchase it again. It says it is a one time purchase and use forever- That does Not seem to be the case though

- Christina Richardson

Pros & cons

Speak and Spell

Available in different languages.
Doesn't spell the words I wanted to spell

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