Sprigg vs Motivosity

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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Twigg - $167 per month

Sprigg - $4.50 per month


Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Connect FREE Recognize $4 per user per month Lead $5 per user per month Listen $2 per user per month With bundle and volume discounts available.

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Sprigg reviews

Sprigg has been pretty good and straight forward. I like the way we can modify performance reviews. The customer service has been good too.

- Kiersten S.

Has helped us shift from a heavily paper based format to all electronic. Provides clear expectations to employees on performance measures in advance.

- Michelle A.

Vacation planning has been much easier and our employees are loving that they have more control and visibility around their time off. This has helped everyone with scheduling and project planning.

- Lauren C.

Motivosity reviews

LANDESK software has been using the Motivosity platform for employee recognition for roughly 2 years. We have gotten good feedback from our employees about the ease of the site itself. The reporting tools can be a bit clunky, however, the response time from the Motivosity support team is excellent to working through the issues. Additionally, Motivosity has been open to taking our suggestions for changes to fit our company culture and for the most part have been able to make the adjustments to match our needs. If your company does not currently have a recognition tool, I would recommend taking a look at Motivosity.

- Claudia R.

Motivosity allows the people in my department to give and receive thanks/recognition for individual and group contributions. It's a versatile tool. I like how my organization has been able to tweak the user interface so that we can offer kudos according to our six company values (Service, Professionalism, Leadership, Innovation, Community, and Excellence). I like the Badges capability, although we don't use it as much as we could. The Interests and Personality widgets add a even more usefulness. I also appreciate the option to send the recognition in a public or private message.

- Scott P.

Motivosity captures an idea that people can do more with gratitude, kindness, positivity, and appreciation. It sends a message of unity and understanding through individual and group efforts. Participation and use of Motivosity has helped me to feel appreciated at work in ways I have never experienced or encountered. It allows people to express their sincerest appreciation and idealistic positivity. There is a great amount of self motivation and understanding that occurs with the use of Motivosity to help elevate myself and create an effort to understand others needs that could benefit from my influence.

- Jonathan C.

Pros & cons


User journey
Website page views
Landing pages view

Website optimization which helps us generate more leadsIncreased sales due to tracking & detailed view of our customer journeyReporting & analytics


Allows you to share appreciation or highlight your team's accomplishments for the entire organization to see
Employees can choose their rewards
Versatile tool.

Uploading videos are difficult
There is no shortcut to previous posts etc
Limited characters.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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