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Powerschool Mobile

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Free by individual teachers with up to 5 active classes..

Pricing ranges from $4,95 to $30 monthly depending on the number of active classes for individual teachers.

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Most popular feedback for Studypool

Studypool helped me so much this semester. I was really struggling in my classes and the workload for my pre-med major was really intense. I couldn't always make it to the lectures so the tutors here helped me understand concepts I had missed.

David T. - St. Louis, MO

About Studypool

24/7 Study Support. Receive answers to your homework questions from approved teachers. Studypool exclusively collaborates with the best tutors. Our tutors have been thoroughly screened for topic knowledge and hold degrees including bachelor's, master's, and doctorate. Numerous of our educators are connected to prestigious academic institutions. Students can get tutoring assistance with the Studypool platform for all of their academic-based queries. A marketplace called Studypool links students with questions to tutors who can assist them. In essence, Studypool is like having tens of thousands of knowledgeable pals at your disposal at all times.

Most popular feedback for Powerschool Mobile

PowerSchool’s Student Information System and the company’s broader product portfolio has enhanced our ability to effectively communicate with parents and other educators within the district, all while decreasing the amount of time spent on other administrative duties.

Ron Cone

About Powerschool Mobile

PowerSchool is a student information system that allows us to manage a wide range of information, including the following: grades, attendance, tests, demographics, activities, courses, and photos.

Studypool reviews

Studypool is perfect for SAT test prep. If you're like me and using books to study, the explanations in the books can be really confusing. My tutor on Studypool can explain it in a way I actually understand.

- Tania H. - Houston, TX

Studypool is perfect for SAT test prep. If you're like me and using books to study, the explanations in the books can be really confusing. My tutor on Studypool can explain it in a way I actually understand.

- Louis L. - Ann Arbor, MI

I started using Studypool after a friend recommended it to me. It's perfect for those times when I'm stuck on something and need quick help. I can always find a tutor, regardless of what time of day it is.

- Grace C. - Knoxville, TN

Powerschool Mobile reviews

Taking full advantage of the products and solutions your school invests in requires a comprehensive understanding of what those tools have to offer. When Michelle Morales of Roswell ISD wanted to learn the ins and outs of PowerSchool Unified Classroom™ Special Programs, she pursued the available training from PowerSchool. As a result, she gained knowledge that helped her and her district fulfill specific needs with a product they already had. “We have had [PowerSchool Special Programs] for 4 years. … The product is very user-friendly, and the trainer was absolutely fabulous at explaining everything, answering questions, and helping us walk through some specific questions and needs for our district, specifically how to pull reports. You don’t know what you don’t know. I wanted to know more about what PowerSchool Special Programs could do and what options there were for customization and functionality. I feel like I am a lot more knowledgeable now than before the training.”

- Michelle Morales

“Our 2020-2021 school year started off like many others, not knowing what the year would bring,” says David Scott, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Tuscaloosa County School System in Alabama. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the district needed a blending learning solution to keep the learning going for all students. Using Schoology Learning, part of the PowerSchool Unified Classroom™ solution, Tuscaloosa County Schools provided a personalized, efficient educational experience to students, regardless of the setting. Three cohorts of teachers in the district participated in the Blending Learning Academy, successfully engaging both remote and in-person students throughout the school year. “Thanks to Schoology [Learning], we were able to provide our remote students with access to content and instruction,” Scott says. “It also provided a means of communication, and students were able to maintain positive relationships with their teachers.” Scott says that “although we still have much left to accomplish, Schoology has provided us with a pathway to reach our goals of becoming a blended learning school system in the near future.”

- David Scott

Compatibility is key. Eric Aufderhar works for a non-profit training center that switched to PowerSchool SIS. He is pleased with the enhanced communication and compatibility it created with their partner schools. The switch quickly made tracking student data and generating reports much easier with the help of PowerSchool’s implementation team. “I have worked in education for 12 years in various roles within Special Education. I now work at a non-profit training center that works with public high schools in New Orleans. We decided to use PowerSchool because we had been housing our records with Google Drive and all of our partner schools use PowerSchool, so we want to be compatible. The record storage and reporting features, among the many other uses of PowerSchool [SIS], make us very excited to start using PowerSchool [SIS]. PowerSchool SIS is already making it easier for us to track student data and generate reports. We are excited to use the system for the upcoming and future school years for our enrollment. We occupy a unique space of being a non-profit training center that works with partner high schools, and using the same SIS will make communication and coordination far easier in the future. Our [PowerSchool] implementation team made the process seamlessly easy… Whenever I had questions, the team either had the answers or found them within 24 hours. Whenever scheduling conflicts came up on my end, they were adaptable and made it work.”

- Eric Aufderhar

Pros & cons


Best for: Science and English homework help in one app
The downside to Studypool is that the pricing is not transparent
There’s no way to plan for how much your homework help will cost, especially if you have lots of questions! It’s also not clear how they choose their tutors, so you’ll need to be careful when you decide who you’d like to answer your homework questions
That said, if you only need a few questions answered per month, this could be cheaper than other monthly subscription services.

Powerschool Mobile

My school district switched over to PowerSchool about a year and a half ago
I now use it for grades, attendance, lunch counts, reports, and many other things
What I like most about PowerSchool is the interface
As a teacher, when I log in, the initial screen shows the things I use on a daily basis- attendance, lunch count, and contact information
I like that it is set up in a way that the things I use the most are right there
There is then an additional menu called "Power Teacher Pro" that is used for things like grade entries and reports that I might use more on a monthly basis
The report options offer lots of different variables and allows the user to create PDF, excel, and other types of files
Having these different options has been helpful
We loved using Powerschool for new employee training
It had so much to offer and was very easy to use!
I appreciate that I can access my students' demographic information easily
Attendance and lunch count are easy, as well
The student information management aspect of PowerSchool is intuitive
I rarely have to go to our school secretary for details, like I would have in the past.
The user experience has been a positive one for me
However, the initial training we received could use some improvement
The training modules are fairly dry to sit through and can be confusing to navigate
There is nothing that I dislike about Powerschool
The report card function needs some adjustments
The score entry section works well
It even allows you to adjust the font, which my older eyes appreciate
However, the printable report sent to parents each trimester is uncomfortably tiny in terms of font size
Even the comment section is very tiny, and those are some of the most valuable aspects of the report
Also, I'd very much appreciate being able to have a screen view that allowed me to look at each student's individual reports
This would be very helpful in looking for missing scores prior to report cards being printed
I have to do a lot of scrolling and clicking to track an individual child's scores over various subject areas
A single student screen view that allowed me to enter scores, if needed, would be a nice boost to the usability of this product.

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