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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Starting From:

$3.00 /month

Pricing Model: Per User

Pricing is based on the number of users, and starts at $2/employee/month for 5 employees. The price per employee decreases as the number of employees increases.

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SutiHR reviews

I have been involved in several large-scale system implementations (of HRIS systems, ATS systems, and the HR side of an ERP) in my HR career. I have implemented and/or worked with NJOYN, Taleo, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Sage, and Suti (twice). Of all of the systems I've used and the vendors I have worked with, Suti has eclipsed them all in their flexibility, and the ability to fit the needs of the business! Kirsten, as our implementation partner, has been outstanding. She is responsive, solutions-oriented, and has this incredible "can-do" attitude with every crazy request. We've had such a good experience that we are now investing in Sutisoft for our Accounts Payable and Employee Expense solutions!

- Shannon J.

SutiHR has almost all the HR features that we are looking for. Applicant Tracking, Time and Attendance, Performance Reviews, etc. Price-wise, it is affordable compared to other HRIS. It also tries to improve their system as much as possible like adding "partial time off" ability to Time Off Request.

- Jodie J.

So glad we found SutiHR and it contains all the modules we will need as we grow and evolve. Several HRIS would not do business with us until we reached a certain number of employees. I did not want to start with one HRIS and then move to another once we grew bigger. Plus they have amazing support, we have even got calls from the company President asking how things were going, ideas for improvement, and thanking us for being their customer. Additionally, our technical employees who are very particular about applications/systems even give this a thumbs up. So I will consider this a huge win from my internal customers, HR serves each day.

- Rikki W.

WebHR reviews

It has helped in daily tasks management for employees easier. The expense claims are easily met with for the requests by management staff. We can check our days when we were in office and thus it made so many things trackable for us.

- Karan V.

I work in a development company on a senior/lead position so I don't have much time to work with management tools. WebHR was a bit frustrating when I started using it, as any of the software you use for the first time. There were lots of buttons which were available to me, but navigating to them led to a "no access" pages. My first thought as a developer was, that it's a bad design. Now the pages simply show "no data" which is ten thousand times better and less frustrating. The second thing I didn't like is that I had to log in each time I access WebHR. That's a minor inconvenience which vanished as soon as I discovered a mobile app. With the mobile app, I can simply approve most of the staff with my phone.

- Alex F.

I have been using this software for three years, it is very easy to use, save lots of time of personnel management and above all, the attendance and payslip generation module are the most useful of all because of its auto-generation feature. The reports of each and every module help administrator and HR personnel keep management updated easily and within no time.

- Naureen S.

Pros & cons


I like that I can clock in/out on my PC or phone
Makes managing time very easy and clear
Easy to pick up and use
I have been able to manage my staff and my own work better with Suti
Suti is an excellent software."

It's been 8 months of implementation, when it was promised to be very fast
We continue to struggle with implementation due to lack of training
Admins seem to have problems with it, had to send out multiple invites
I am struggling to come up with a "con
I think maybe the fact that the system is SO flexible, it can be a lot to learn for the administrator."


Quality and how easy it was to set it up
It is a user-friendly software which is easy to comprehend by the users
Real-Time Tracking.

The interface is extremely poor
Poorly arranged navigation structure
It doesn't have automated system to send automated e mails to employees for any job openings within.

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