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Most popular feedback for Tailwind

The best feature of Tailwind was the ability to batch schedule Pins to Pinterest. Additionally, the SmartSchedule feature was helpful to an extent. Their marketing materials around Pinterest were also useful when Pinterest was more popular for my business niche.


About Tailwind

The Tool That Feels Like a Marketing Team Tailwind automates the most difficult parts of your social media marketing so you can grow smarter and faster. Save time with content creation, scheduling, and publishing for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Official Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest partner. 1 million + users.

Most popular feedback for Mention

Back in the day, we'd monitor news with Google Alerts which was obviously a terrible idea. Mention picks up stuff lightning fast and it's incredibly affordable if you're on a budget and looking to get in to more serious media monitoring. I can't recommend Mention enough as a user-friendly, cost-effective, thorough solution. It also offers more advanced options for when your budget or need increases.

Kristi A.

About Mention

Mention changes the way businesses manage their online presence. Our social listening platform instantly monitors important conversations from millions of sources across the web and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to deliver insights that truly make an impact.

Tailwind reviews

Yes, it's a tool, but I consider the app a part of my team because it does so many things and makes my life easier... Like you just put everything on Tailwind, and it does all the work for you. It's a major time saver.

- Sandy Dedeian Rectified.Co

Tailwind already has all different time slots, so I could just fill everything up, not have to think about posting at night, because I'm an early bird

- Sheniqua Young Founder, Shea Design Art

I can set up and let go with Tailwind. "I love Tailwind because I can batch work...Tailwind enables me to not have to think about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest every day. I can kind of get into a headspace where I'm going to have to deal with it and then I can set everything up and let it go.

- Christine Martell Founder, Visuals Speak

Mention reviews

I guess the best thing about Mention is that it provides the full circle of complementary services needed to completely manage the image and interests of our businesses and projects. By far, one of my most interesting features about setting up alerts is that I can use tags to create alerts within broader alerts. This allows for an effective filtering system that makes our work ten times easier.

- Mohammed S. Field Manager

I like a lot the fact you can easily monitor everything about your brand on social medias, web sites, ... And also easily filter out what you don't want (the noise). For example, I'm not interested in the job offers related to my software. Excluding a website or a given term from the alerts is super easy and efficient.

- David P. Developer | Evangelist

The interface is empty and not very intuitive. Fortunately, email alerts allow me to quickly access the last mentions of my keywords, because I don't use the web page where my information is collected, or very little. But this is a minor detail, because it is of particular interest to full-time community managers.

- Frédéric P. Head of Digital Publishing

Pros & cons


and Scheduling Pins on more than one Board across a time frame
Scheduling Instagram posts at recommended times
Using Smart Bio for links from Instagram directly to our website
When you add a link to your post and add the caption, it goes to the first line and not where I had the cursor
I do not want the link to be the first thing people read.The Tailwind Create is fun and helpful but still hard to use.I can not wait for the day that Tailwind has a functionality for Twitter and Facebook, this would be my number one item for improvement.


For example, I'm not interested in the job offers related to my software
Excluding a website or a given term from the alerts is super easy and efficient
I like that it helps you to view a lot of data at once
It helps you to see where your brand and company are being mentioned and can help you target future sources to use for media
Good tool for tracking brand activity for your brand and competitors
This allows you to keep tabs on the market as a whole and how your brand compares to others
Overall I have had a wonderful experience with Mention and it has helped me keep up."
Worried about your reputation online
Get this tool and let it track that for you
Okay Monitoring Service, But Buyer Beware - No Option to Cancel
Back in the day, we'd monitor news with Google Alerts which was obviously a terrible idea
Set it and forget it type tool that keeps working for you in the background and keeps looking for your "mentions" on the web."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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