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Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia

ABC Reading Magic Series

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education



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Most popular feedback for Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

Excellent app!! I've been using it for the past week due to throat surgery and it's been extremely helpful. If you don't mind me suggesting, I would add a "clear" button to delete all text written, faster and more easily. I would also add a "select sentence" option so that if you want to repeat one it doesn't start from the beginning. I managed to do it once but I couldn't do it again so I think it was not intuitive enough (for me at least). Good job over all

Brenda Heiss

About Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

Talk allows your phone to speak whatever you type. Make any word you want your phone to pronounce in a variety of languages! You may have your phone read the news to you. It allows you to import web pages straight from your browser and listen to them. Text from any other apps can also be imported. Features: - Voice-over-text - Read online pages Play, Pause, and Stop - WAV file export for audio - Numerous languages (internet connection required for some) Uses: Reading magazines or books - Beneficial to those who are sight impaired Helpful for those with speech impairments - Beneficial for those whose wisdom teeth were removed - Fun

Most popular feedback for ABC Reading Magic Series

Need to be considered for all parent This app is quite a nice educational app. This is just a trial version. Although it's layout a bit dull, but it help children in their pronunciation skills. Price for upgrade version is quite reasonable too.


About ABC Reading Magic Series

Early-level reading app Reading Magic was created to assist users in improving their ability to speak, listen, and read. Users can "segment" words, or utter the individual letter sounds that make up a word, in the speaking section of the app. The listening section of the app mixes individual letter sounds into words. Users must apply their combination and segmenting abilities from the previous two activities in the third section, which is reading, to read a word. Reading Magic is a relatively straightforward educational program, despite having three separate tasks. The majority of words only have three or four letters, therefore the app is best suited for kids between the ages of four and seven, especially those who struggle with reading aloud.

Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud reviews

When I paste an entire volume of a novel and press play it reads instantly, it even adds another option known as "Speak with talk" when you highlight text on a wiki page or google searches. this is a proper text to speech app. The only problem is, it gets interupted when a notification arrives, now you have to back track where it stopped. Luckily there is a seek which you can use to guess and continue from there.

- A Google user

It sounds pretty natural. I'm happy listening to news articles on this. No intrusive ads. Occasional problem where it tries to open a link hidden somewhere in the text I send it. This can be fixed by pasting as plain text but I would prefer for this to be the default when selecting the app from the share menu. Also I would like a progress bar to see how much is left to play


I've been looking for something like this, oddly enough, I wasn’t having much luck. All I found were apps that were too specific/couldn't read from 3rd party apps, or apps I had to pay for. Then, I came across this little beauty. It's simple & efficient. Good work. Thanks. I've ONE complaint. The read out of highlighted text will randomly stop when played from the context menu but, reads fine if typed (copy/paste, in this case) into the app itself. Aside from that, I've had no problems at all.

- Joseph Doxey

ABC Reading Magic Series reviews

Great reading book This is great application for you little one to understand the fundamental aspect of reading. Great app and graphical interface. I'm going to soon make a application aswell and looking at application excite me. Great work

- Ahadxo , 01/03/2013

Perfect for children to learn reading the right way! This update is excellent, especially with the addition of great explainations of what blending and segmenting are and how important these are for building a firm foundation. Preschool U's apps are the only ones I found that actually teach children the proper way to learn to read. I love the updated interface and games. Keep up the good work!!!

- JuthamasAngel , 03/17/2015

Valuable, but flawed for PreK-2 Instruction Great app for phonemic awareness and phonics, but the words used are frequently not within a preschooler's listening or speaking vocabularies, which makes some of the items quite challenging and instruction ineffective. Even in this video, we see the reading of the word "hull" and then a picture of grain. How many preschoolers have heard or will use the word "hull" with any frequency? Updating this app with more appropriate words for PreK-2nd grade children would improve it's effectiveness.

- JenReads , 04/03/2013

Pros & cons

Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

Helpful for visually impaired people
Helpful for speech impaired people
Helpful for people that had wisdom teeth removed

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