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Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


TestComplete Base - Starting at $1450

TestComplete Pro - $2540


Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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TestComplete reviews

Ease of managing test script especially for regression testing.

- Tamoya B.

"Great when it works" What do you like best about TestComplete? TestComplete is a pretty robust automated testing tool. I've been using it for about 9 years. It does take some time to learn and unlike the salespeople push it to be plug and play or record and playback, there are some scripting skills needed to get your test scripts working consistently for regression testing. It's been a 9 year learning curve but I've gotten there. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about TestComplete? Their license utility leaves little to be desired. The department in charge of licensing should take off the tin foil beanies and be a little less paranoid over their product. Believe me, it's not something worth pirating. Most anti-virus software blocks this license product and getting them to get along has been a nightmare. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. Recommendations to others considering TestComplete: Make sure your users are technical savvy. During my first training with TestComplete 9 years ago, it was very obvious that the sales team had sold the product as record and playback and that anyone can use it. The other participants in the training class were apparent business users and were not technically minded and were completely lost in the scripting instructions. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is TestComplete solving and how is that benefiting you? It's really beneficial for regression testing. However, the scripts have to be watched and adjusted for network fluctuations and delays added to accommodate.

- Toni S.

"It has been very useful for us to perform performance tests as well as performance and interface" What do you like best about TestComplete? It has a fairly complete, powerful and intuitive interface so you don't need to be a programming expert to be able to use it without any problem, the fact that it allows me to perform different tests on my programs and developments is something of great help When I want to verify the proper functioning of my entire program in a much safer, more accurate, faster and more reliable way, the quality of the reports generated after performing the software analysis is quite complete and objective, which helps me make decisions. in a much faster way regarding how we are going to solve the problems detected in the best possible way without generating long delays in the final delivery of the software. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about TestComplete? It has some errors that can affect the performance of this application during its use, especially slowing it down or even leaving the program frozen, which happens very frequently, the solution? As there is no other option than to restart the entire application and start the tests from scratch. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is TestComplete solving and how is that benefiting you? It has been very useful for us to carry out different tests both of operation and performance and interface for users in a fairly fast and simple way, so that we can be able to identify and correct existing errors in our applications in one much simpler and faster way instead of carrying out manual tests of our systems by members of our work team.

- Mikki M.

Selligent reviews

Now we can manage our marketing campaigns from the cloud access, in addition to the fact that it is possible to share with third parties and clients the results and progress of each of the campaigns as well as share information in real time that facilitate the creative process and flow of the information, the costs associated with the deployment have been reduced because under this new situation of remote work we were able to achieve a decrease in administrative costs and a considerable improvement in productivity per employee

- Nicolas B.

Selligent is a well maintained multichannel tool that provides ideal services for managing marketing campaigns. It tracks online performance, display review sites, provide customizable features, social channels, consulting partnerships and segmentation. Reporting keeps a track of marketing performance, customer, purchase, sales and products by the company which allows ease of approaching the data in a single view. Reporting is very easy to navigate and detailed. Segmentation is also a quality feature. It has great A/B features for email marketing and supports bulk emails efficiently. Message Studio provides very extensive marketing solutions. API platform is a great feature which helps to connect different sevices and other partners. It offers a great platform to connect with customers. Automation really reduces the workload and strengthen the productivity of the company. The customer service is also very quick and responsive. It provides easy scheduling and reusable templates. System is really flexible, relaiable and extremely collaborative. There is no need of any extensive training, its easy to navigate through.

- Nancy R.

I love that Message Studio can connect to our Salesforce CRM quite easily. The results are reliable and we can send thousands of emails in seconds! We received a great walk through when we started to use the platform and the Selligent team has been a great support for our projects; they are always willing to collaborate when we need it and help us find new strategies. Selligent offers competitive cost options and adaptable to the budgets of medium and large companies.

- Ivette S.

Pros & cons


Recording test steps and generating code for them
Support for multiple languages
Can be used for both desktop and browser applications

Missing git integration
No easy way to see where functions and methods are reused throughout the test suite
Users with a development background may find the UI clunky to use compared to an IDE like Visual Studio or JetBrains


Sub organization set up process is simple and well maintained security between organizations
Easy to set up simple templates in Selligent for users who don't know HTML coding
Support file imports and direct database connection.

Limited features for creating complex segment
Its complicated to integrate GIFs in the email
Some functionality limitations in the drag and drop features.

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