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Most popular feedback for TextPad

TextPad is very light and fast in use. Whenever I open or close the new tabs it processes things very fast. Also saving data in various formats quickly is an awesome thing. The best things is , when you operate on data inside file , it saves lot of time.

Shabir M.

About TextPad

Text editing software that helps conduct spelling checks, view multiple files, automatically align datta, and replace text across several open documents.

Most popular feedback for Writer

I made the switch from Grammarly to Qordoba because of the customization feature. I can even use it at work because it is HIPAA compliant. Excellent tool for checking spelling, grammar errors, and terminology management.

Midia K.

About Writer

With Writer's AI (formerly Qordoba), everyone at a corporation may write in the same tone, style, and language. Organizations can achieve consistency and clarity across all forms of material, from communications to marketing to product to HR, with Writer's dynamic content rules. Writer is used by businesses like Marriott, Braintree, and Postmates to produce better content up to 90% faster than before. The author was named a 2018 Forbes Cloud100 Rising Star.

TextPad reviews

The best thing about Textpad is that it is able to process very large-sized log files which I frequently use while working on Java application products. As compared to other text editors like notepad++, it is very stable and rarely crashes.

- Aeshwer T. Member Of Technical Staff

When I fail to open some very large text files in npp, sublime text or any other text editor. Textpad comes as life saver to me. I have had any issue using large files, it opens quickly and scrolls smoothly.

- Paryush J. Associate

It quickly open large file and I have found batter text editor. Before that i was using sublime text and trust me this is best ever text editor tool. So must use this tool.

- Ram K. SEO Executive

Writer reviews

"Writer is a comprehensive AI tool to develop targeted writing"

- Laura G.

It has a great and intuitive user interface and user experience is great. It is also easy to use and AI is great.

- Administrator in Computer Software

I wish it were easier to suggest fixes for complicated problems rather than just flagging them.

- Alex R.

Pros & cons


have been using TextPad on Windows and it has been the best text editor.You can easily use this software, however it offers less feature than its competitors.Its easy to use and helpful user interface
Features of color coding helps developers alot
The interface of TextPad seems outdated, which is disgraceful.TextPad is old fashion, old dashboard editor that you can use in the past
There are other kind of editor that you can use.Too expensive a license that I cannot afford it anymore.


Customizing our own terminology, common mistakes, and banned terms
Creating a styleguide where we can centralize messaging, phrasing, writing style, and brand voice guidelines
The extensions (Chrome, Word, Google Docs) have been mostly how we've used it but there are people on the team who use the web app, which is easy to use.
There's a bit of set up to get your word lists in there, customize your editorial style and get common mistakes set up, or else it's similar to other tools (but worth it in my opinion)
Their web editor removes formatting, which I've heard from some team members has been annoying
Formatting is well preserved in GDocs, Word, and via the Chrome extension though.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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