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The Homework App

Category: Homework Helper
Industries: Education, Internet, Mobile



Prime INR 599 per student

Prime + INR 1,499 per student


Category: Homework Helper
Industries: Education



20M+ Downloads

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Sir Richard Branson

The Homework App reviews

“As a principal, it is important to me that keep a track of student progress throughout the year. Homework App has made it efficient for us to store and track these reports. Along with that our teachers have saved so much time per week that was spent on individually typing out questions. I can manage my school’s homework and tests from one place easily, for free. We are using it regularly now, thank you for this!

- Rohini Shamra Principal

“Honestly speaking being a teacher, eases my work by making my students practice with a wide range of questions & answers - be it objective or subjective. It has proved to be a perfect app for both students and teachers.

- Shardha Agarwal Teacher

“This is a wonderful app for teachers & Parents also to give Homework to their students/children in no time.Sample papers & lot of good reference books are also there in this app. MCQ as well as Subjective Questions can also be given & we can check them. I am giving 90/100 marks to this app.

- Dinesh Sharma Teacher

MyStudyLife reviews

Decided to switch to an online planner when starting college classes - this app works great and has everything I need! It's also very easy to use. I would love to see two things added though; a way to add extra details about each class, and a way to custom sort tasks that are due within the same week of each other.

- Johanna Halverson

I very much like this app. Streamlines my schedule and I get notifications when a class is coming up. Some things I wish it had was an office hours slot. It's a bit annoying to have them look all congested with the actual classes. However everything is perfect. :)

- bornk Ustedes (book)

Fabulous tool for keeping track of my assignments, projects, and exams. I had to deduct one star, though. It's very weird how it glitches out when I try to set terms for my classes. The app claims that I can't overlap terms, yet I wasn't. I tried deleting the term information to try again, and it wouldn't let me delete the term and try again. A useful idea for this app: Making it online-class friendly. :) I take classes online and on campus, so exams for my online classes would be taken at home.

- Dolly Guadalupe

Pros & cons

The Homework App

Good text recognition through the smartphone camera
Additional manual question input is possible
Very precise solutions for math problems and scientific questions.

App can lead to students cheating
No storage/archive function for previously asked questions
There are many unsuitable sources listen in their web results (website offline, not optimized for mobile devices, etc.)


Best for: Keeping track of your schedule and deadlines

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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