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PaintShop Pro

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tizra reviews

We approached Tizra with our problem, which was a clunky and outdated ebook access platform that users hated and was costing us sales. Our other problem was an outdated and unsearchable storefront, which wasn't doing us any favors. Tizra completely modernized and 100% improved the user experience, from browsing to accessing to reading.

- Toni K. Director of Content Management

As a customer of Tizra for more than five years I can highly recommend them. Our customers appreciate the ease of use of our eBooks, which makes us look good. The Tizra team has always been there when we needed them and as non-techies we appreciate having their expertise available to us. I look forward to using Tizra into the future.

- Curtis V. President and Publisher

The overall experience working with Tizra staff has been excellent. Even when we struggled through the data upload, Tizra staff were always there and willing to help. With some tighter processes for onboarding this would be exceptional.

- David D. Director of Marketing and Web Services

PaintShop Pro reviews

I used PSP back in the 90s/early 2000s but I prefer Adobe over it. It is a good alternative if you have to use it but I think Adobe still corners the market on the graphic designer programs to beat.

- Kristin R. Sr. Graphics Specialist

There is nothing about this program that I dislike other than the price. It's fairly expensive, but totally worth the price in the long run in my opinion. I have really experienced no problems at all. I wish however that there were a Mac version of PSP.

- Christina G. WAH Remote Customer Service Agent

The interface is not as intuitive as users might want. Although simple tasks are straightforward, there can be a learning curve for more advanced editing. Some features can be really difficult to figure out.

- Keith W. Vice President of Consulting Services

Pros & cons


What we like most about using Tizra is that it is very stable
We can count on it to deliver day in and day out consistent service to our customers who depend on it
Working with the staff at Tizra has been a pleasure
They have taken time to learn about our business and then offer suggestions based on their experience to help us grow our business
Something we really appreciate are the suggestions that they make to improve the delivery and content of our product
We would highly recommend Tizra without reservation
Professionalism: The Tizra team was friendly, responsive, and great to work with."

We often have "on-off" requests by our constituents and Tizra has yet to disappoint in meeting our requests
Tizra allowed us to transition our journal into a digital format, which greatly reduced our annual printing costs (that alone pays for the software)
We have been with them so long, I don't have anything I don't like
We have been able to cut our costs of sending out curriculum samples by sending online review copies."

PaintShop Pro

Simple to learn and use, lots of functions, and amazing results
Ve always loved PaintShop because it's simple to use, and to learn, but provides great results
Overall, I do recommend Paintshop Pro because it's the best affordable photo enhancer and it has nice special effects features
Paint shop pro will be one of my favorite graphic program for editing images and make gif (yes, because you can even make some gif in there!)."

The worst of PaintShop Pro are: Does not have a good integration with other apps that complement it and lacks precision in some tools
There are no powerful correcting functions to smooth out lines, take away the shaky lines
Corels view for solving all photographers problems
No cloud storage or MAC version
Makes it where you need Photoshop if you use a MAC."

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