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Category: Task Management Tool

Industries: Education, Business, Marketing, Communication, Finance





Category: Task Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Business, Education, Communication


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Most popular feedback for todo

There’s a lot of back and forth among our team and the clients. With, we always know exactly what’s going on and what still needs to get done. We can look back on discussions and files that are important to each task. Our clients have said that they love because it helps them to stay on track with their work, too. The clean interface makes it easy to find tasks and everyone, clients and team alike, appreciate the ability to respond via email.


About todo is a productivity suite delivering a unique blend of CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. is ideal for freelancers, consultants and teams of any size who strive to achieve improved efficiency, quality and transparency. is absolutely free for freelancers and all pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users i.e. pay for 11 and get unlimited.

Most popular feedback for OmniPlan

A great offline project management tool to enhance productivity. What do you like best about OmniPlan? Omniplan’s best part for us is that by using its features we can get full control of the details and we utilized it to track the process and progress in project execution. Its reports are highly professional and this is important for us as we have found the reporting part quite weak in other software of this type. It is highly efficient in resource and budget management too. It has all the essential collaboration tools which we were in search of and it works so well with iPad, iPhone, and our Mac devices. I love it working and how it helped us in uplifting our productivity. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about OmniPlan? They should make available other dynamic designs to make project presentations more eye-catching. And also its sky-high price is highly unappreciative since it is our necessity we are using it otherwise its price is quite expensive. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is OmniPlan solving and how is that benefiting you? Ominiplan is a great tool for offline project planning, we are using it and our experience is quite amazing with it. I can track the process and progress of our project execution. Its reporting part is its great strength as it is highly professional. It works so well with iPad, iPhone, and our Mac devices which give us the freedom to track project details from our smart devices. Resource and budget management is no more a big settlement for us. I don’t like its price and they should include some other designs for the project presentation in it too.

Anna Hill S.

About OmniPlan

OmniPlan is used to manage multi-resource projects using Gantt Charts. The program acts as a dashboard, showing the status of each task and its relation to other tasks. Reports about work completed, total cost, and other metrics can be exported as well.

todo reviews

We have been using as a tool for our practice management. has been very useful to us in assigning and communicating allocated assignments to the team, managing budgeted hours versus actual hours, team members tracking their hours, collaborating on specific assignments and more.

- Vincent VA Business

We needed a system that would allow real-time communication, an easily accessible central bank of information for each project, and reporting functionality. fits the bill. Now, we can easily monitor staff activity, manage projects, generate timesheets, billing and much more.

- Line Redline Company

YouthLaw is a community law centre that offers free legal advice to young people in NZ. We have a small team of under 10 legal staff and a slightly larger team of volunteers who help us complete our work more efficiently. We have been using, as we needed a system that allows volunteers and the legal staff to know where each case is at in a brief summary format, what needs to be completed. With, it is easy for each staff and volunteer to tag on and off a case. We find the timing mechanism, the date/priority mechanism and the tagging mechanism to be very helpful. Tom is also very responsive to any queries we have.

- Velda Chan Youth Law Aotearoa New Zealand

OmniPlan reviews

"Wonderful planning and productivity management software." What do you like best about OmniPlan? Any time I need to oversee interlocking cross conditions, I rely on OmniPlan. You get a one-time cost and straightforward with the cloud. They update and steadfastly utilize each new thing that accompanies Mac OS redesigns. It has all task highlights yet the route board permits full control on subtleties. It has all key elements (basic pattern...) in addition to Montevallo reenactment. I've never utilized it to follow the undertaking execution, yet in addition to this, it appears to be extremely amazing. also, it has some pre-characterized reports for the undertaking that looks proficient. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about OmniPlan? The greatest hindrance is this is just upheld for the MAC and IOS clients just so one should require the Apple Products to utilize this. One can't have the option to utilize Omniplan on the off chance that he/she is an android client. Another impediment is on the off chance that an individual isn't thinking about the Gantt outlines, at that point likewise they couldn't deal with Omniplan. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is OmniPlan solving and how is that benefiting you? One of the best benefits is, It assisted us with having a realistic perspective on the execution of two of our most significant ventures, its moderate attributes made a superb space for coordinated effort and work, magnified greatness, collaboration, and achievement. At whatever point there is another venture that has different moving parts and individuals appointed to it, it truly helps keep things coordinated and quantifiable. By and large, it's aiding increment the efficiency of the group.

- Lucia O.

"Best Offline Project Management Software For Mac" What do you like best about OmniPlan? Any time I need to manage interlocking cross dependencies, I count on OmniPlan. You get a one-time price and no fuss with the cloud. They update and faithfully use every new thing that comes with Mac OS upgrades. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about OmniPlan? On the other hand, the cloud offers sharing and team collaboration features you can't get with offline software. It's Mac only so that is another limit. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is OmniPlan solving and how is that benefiting you? Any solo or small group work is a good match for Omniplan.

- Thom F.

What do you like best about OmniPlan? Usability & advanced features, workload / time lead, montecarlo simulation Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about OmniPlan? Hidden option that could appear more upfront Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering OmniPlan: Take time to follow the tutorials and do-over your plan. Many tips and tricks online to facilitate its integration Review collected by and hosted on What problems is OmniPlan solving and how is that benefiting you? Project / Planning management

- Nicolas V.

Pros & cons


Some of my favourite product features are the colour-coded importance markers and the time tab showing time spent on each task
The best thing about is that the timer runs serverside, which means it is possible to start a timer on one device, check on it on another device, and stop the timer from yet another
Satisfied is an understatement
I feel completely comfortable with this tool and plan to use it for a while to come
I love the way that I can task out our team based on client & project."
Maybe sometimes it can be a little confusing to find out how to do something, but it is a usual subject
Because it is mainly a browser-based tool, there is no other mode of input for me
The UI is not modern and the UX is bit bad, which lacks the feel of using modern app
There is no mobile application provided which is essential nowadays
I noticed that this productivity package at some point remained occasionally stopped, which may have been caused by the low internet connection spikes, another problem that I cannot identify."


If you and your team are Mac-centric, this is a great and superior option to many others in this space
Sharing is super easy as you have a variety of ways of exporting the plans to share with anyone not having omniplan
You can create a barebones project plan with a simple Gantt chart, and the you can expand and add details as needed
The granularity is really one of the main strengths of this magnificent app."
When time and resource estimates are valuable to your planning but other web-based services are bloated and ugly, enter OmniPlan
I'm not sure if it's because there's just so much data that can be stored for projects, or if there is a lag in the system
When you drag tasks, trying to change them, etc
And there's also no way to have text near tasks with tasks titles."

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