Todoist vs JotterPad

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Category: Note-taking tool
Industries: Productivity, Corporate, School


Premium - $36 per user or year

Business - $60 per user or year


Category: Note-taking tool
Industries: Novice and professional screenwriters, Authors


US$6.99/monthly or US$29.99/year. Prices may vary by location.

20M+ Downloads

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Todoist reviews

odoist makes apps for all major devices and platforms, and it couldn't be easier to use. There's a free version, which is very good, though the Pro level is absolutely the way to go. If you need an app that will keep you productive with tools for organizing your tasks, either by yourself or in collaboration with others, Todoist is it. It's a five-out-of-five stars Editors' Choice winner.

- Jill Duffy

I like that you have a calendar and you can set tasks or reminders for you or a team. Very simple to use and also gives you pointers how to use the software.

- Carrie K.

Todoist allows me to create a template for weekly recurring tasks in my work, to assign dates to time-driven tasks, to limit my view to only tasks in a certain category, and generally excels at all I need from a task manager.

- Ed K.

JotterPad reviews

I love the app much more than most note apps. My only complaint is that after the most recent update I can't move my files into folders anymore wether to remove them from one then add to another, or to place a stranded dock into a folder. In past I could press and hold a document and hit move file and choose the folder because I make documents before I decide to place it in the folder. But now all I have is the option to copy or delete folders. Someone please bring back the move document button

- Lizzie Corbett

I come back after a hiatus of smart phones and they have a new subscription charge to sync to my drop box!? I paid once for that feature. and that was the understanding. I am not forking over $5/ month to write text files! otherwise, app seems to have added a few cool new features for power users. ads talking about "my next hit screenplay" smack of artifice. preying on wannabe dreamers. Now I need another app that backs up to a cloud without slurping on my bank account every month. bummer

- Ole and Lena Learn Aurally

I understand that this is a free app with a paid option, i could deal with the constant popups every single time i opened the app. However, what made me stop using this was when i switched phones. Not sure how, because it looked like everything changed over fine at first, but i opened the app a second time to find no notes. The only option i had was to import each note, one by one, as an ugly txt file. Absolutely frustrating and the straw that broke the camel's back.

- V Smith

Pros & cons


Forward an email to a project and convert it into a task
Repeating and regular task management
Easy to use interface

A plug in for Safari browser would be useful
Seriously, there isn't anything I could think of to improve with this app
Voice Command option to add tasks


Supports Markdown
Allows customizing style
Supports right-to-left languages.

Free version includes a PDF watermark
This app does not work on Kindle tablet
Does not allow you to access screenshots, already made videos, it does not even let u edit

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