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Trust my Paper

Category: Plagiarism Checker
Industries: Educators, Students, Writers, Content Creators


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Category: Plagiarism Checker
Industries: Students


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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

Trust my Paper reviews

As a student, I can feel the pain of submitting paper works on time. Trust me! Last year during semester exams, I was also in the same position when one of my friends suggested the service of the Trust My Paper site. They completed the paperwork for my project on time, and I am getting relieved because of them. Kudos to their professionalism!

- Rex G.

These professionals deserve a 5 star! The way they wrote and delivered the essays on time, I am definitely going to hire them again for my next essay project. 100% plagiarism-free essays. Wow.

- Eliza W.

My teacher assigned me 2 essays but it too difficult for me to complete. So I hire Trust My Paper to help me out. They write very good content with zero percent plagiarism. Highly recommended.

- Roselyn B.

RobotDon reviews

To be honest, I didn't really believe in automated tools for essay writing. I use the spell checkers in Word, of course, but it never catches everything. However, my friend once told me about Robot Don. After an entire year of using it. I first used Robot Don to check the paper for plagiarism. I was so surprised by the speed and accuracy of the software. They help me write essays and make it so much faster than before.

- Roman B.

I don’t know where to begin. It’s an AI tool that proves to people how far technology has come. Sure, there are many similar tools like this one available, some even for free. But, when I spend hours placing a single paper on different websites to find the mistakes, plagiarism, and fix the quality, I don’t just waste my time – I risk a lot. Once I added a paper in a plagiarism checker and it said it is original. Then, when my professor checked it, they’ve actually used it online, so it was literally plagiarized – for me. I got into a lot of trouble just because I was careless. With Robot Don, I don’t worry about any of this. It’s very cheap, so it’s not a big loss at all.

- William Bo

I am well aware that RobotDon is an essay robot, but I’m actually not a student. I’m an employee who constantly writes reports. When I say constantly, I mean on a daily basis. At the beginning, this was all okay and I didn’t mind spending a few hours every day to write reports. But, now they’ve become so dull and repetitive, I can’t focus on the writing or edit another report. So, I decided to invest in AI to help me, and my nephew told me about this ‘robot’ he works with when he writes papers. Now I use Robot Don daily. I write my reports with its help and they never have a single mistake in them. It’s very important in the world of professionals. I used to spend at least an hour per day on editing. Now I spend that hour as I please.

- Melissa Perry

Pros & cons

Trust my Paper

Provides a 100% guarantee of the results
Compares your piece with over 1,500,000 pieces of content on the web
Supports 150+ languages

You have to pay for a premium customer service
PhD papers are more pricy


User-friendly interface
Offers suggestions on how to fix errors
Strong Vocabulary

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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