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"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

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Most popular feedback for Twist

Twist by Doist takes on team messaging and adds an air of calm to it. The app is excellent for teams that are spread across time zones.

Jill Duffy

About Twist

Discover why Twist was dubbed a "World Changing Idea" by Fast Company! Work is evolving. Communication at work needs to adapt as well. Twist combines all team communications to facilitate cooperation from any location. No more exhausting Slack chats, emails, and meetings for the team. Best remote team communication app, according to PC Mag "I experienced continual FOMO on Slack. On Twist, I am confident that I am always in control. SparkLoop's Manuel F. The threads in Twist make sure that crucial information doesn't get buried. • Unlike a continuous stream of idle conversation that obfuscates crucial communications, Twist treats each topic as its own thread (like Slack). • With ultra-specific labeling, only the appropriate teams will view your messages. Make a history that your team can reference. • Look closely at any thread to remember the circumstances around a choice that was made, whether it was last week or a year ago. • Share pertinent threads to facilitate and speed up the onboarding of new staff. Focus your staff on the tasks that are important. • Reduce noise and distractions by using fewer notifications so your team can focus on its work. • Encourage more serenity and less anxiousness in your team's communication at work. Utilize organized routes to bust through team silos. • Establish a systematized, single location to oversee all team communications. • Use specific channels to invite people, such as external clients, to discuss project specifics. Plus: • It is simple to import all Slack discussions from your team. • Schedule remote team meetings using the integrations for Jitsi Meet, Zoom, and Skype. • Use business applications like Google Drive, Asana, and Calendly (and have a little fun with Giphy). • Forget receipt read-alouds, typing dots, and presence indicators. • To expedite your job, use keyboard shortcuts. Developed by Doist, a world authority on remote and asynchronous working. Ultimately, Twist may be closed at any time. When you return, the job will already be organized. Become a part of the workplace of the future. Join right now.

Most popular feedback for Avoma

Avoma is a Game Changer! What do you like best about Avoma? We've recorded our meetings in Zoom for a while now. We saved the recordings to review later but would have to listen to the entire call or note the time something was said so we could share with a colleague or client later. With Avoma, every recorded call is automatically and translated with AI. Speakers are identified. Keywords, that are important to us, are tracked. Transcriptions are searchable. We can create short snippets of recordings to share with team members or clients - no more listening to entire recordings!!

Rebecca G.

About Avoma

Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant, Collaboration and Intelligence platform for Sales, Implementation, and Customer Success teams. Its AI-powered technology help customer-facing teams capture important customer information, before, during, and after meetings. Avoma analyzes conversation insights, and intelligence to help reps shorten sales cycles and delight more customers. Team members can automatically record all meetings, get full transcripts and summarized notes, and actionable insights synced directly to the CRM. Also, review calls and meetings by searching directly within transcripts and using identified topics to find exactly what you're looking for. Other capabilities include automatic agenda templates, agenda collaboration and sharing and "no-show" reminders. Also including automatic recording and transcription, live bookmarking and note-taking. After meetings capabilities include AI-generated notes, conversation and revenue intelligence and comments and playlists.

Twist reviews

I have been using Twist for a few years, and the app has come a very long way! Notifications are consistent. The UI is very clean and easy to use. The only things preventing a 5 star rating is the bugs within the notifications. When I receive a message, I get a push notification and a bubble. Any attempt to reply or react causes the bubble to close. The push notification allows reading and replying but tapping it to enter the app causes the notification and the bubble to disappear.

- Harmonee Booker

Nice platform. Please fix the issue of an image(jpeg) not appearing in a thread when posted from an action or an attachment. App says couldn't read file!

- Ruta peter

This app is so buggy, I use this app to communicate with my company, it has a TERRIBLE TIME updating as soon as someone sends me something. This is absolutely horrible because if my company is experiencing massive customer downtime I shouldn't have to wait 20 MINUTES for twist to refresh to see that I got a message 18 minutes ago from my coworker!! This goes for PC and Android. Over multiple updates and multiple months.

- A M

Avoma reviews

"Avoma has helped us immensely as an organization" What do you like best about Avoma? We've been using Avoma for the past year - it seamlessly records and transcribes every meeting that our organization has. It has enabled us to be more transparent as an organization and saved us countless hours in terms of documentation and follow-up. In numerous ways, Avoma has helped us eliminate misunderstandings on our clients needs & desires - and quickly unlock value by looking at conversational trends between clients and prospects in relation to our products and services. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Avoma? Like any tool providing conversational analysis right now, sometimes Avoma's transcripts don't capture the right speaker or the nuanced use of language. However, we've seen constant improvement in the product - and as these technologies evolve I expect that this will continue to improve. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Avoma solving and how is that benefiting you? The challenge we had was providing ongoing recording and transcription of calls for our own purposes, but also for our clients who wanted such a record, particularly when we were providing education or insights into our findings during a program evalution. Avoma has helped us do that seamlessly and without thinking about having to hit record, obtain a transcript, generate notes, and then share them with the client.

- Bryan S.

"Excellent video call recording software" What do you like best about Avoma? It's just really easy to find the important points of a long meeting. Notes you make during the meeting are time-stamped so you can find the moment a particular note was taken. Being able to search for a words on the transcript makes it breathtakingly easy to find any point in the conversation. This tool has revolutionised the effectiveness of our company meetings. Review collected by and hosted on

- Scott W.

"Like a superstar athlete, you need to review your game film" What do you like best about Avoma? I love using Avoma. It is amazing being able to go back and watch my calls again to make sure I catch everything a customer is saying. It also helps me to review what I said (I use the phrase "you know" WAY more than I ever thought I did. It has also been helpful taking over accounts for previous reps so I can see the previous conversation that way I do not go into a call blind. I also like how I can take the call to my manager for coaching support, feedback, and ask them what they would have done differently.

- Zachary P.

Pros & cons


No more need for back-to-back meetings
No “I’m available” status bubbles
No stress-inducing notification dots
No audio or video calls, screen sharing, or keyword alerts
Limited integrations


Meeting recording automatically done
Seamless integration with your other tools
AI enabled
Sales cycle can be improvised
Bit expensive
Could be made more user friendly.

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