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Wickr Enterprise

Category: Communication Tools

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

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Most popular feedback for Twist

Twist by Doist takes on team messaging and adds an air of calm to it. The app is excellent for teams that are spread across time zones.

Jill Duffy

About Twist

Discover why Twist was dubbed a "World Changing Idea" by Fast Company! Work is evolving. Communication at work needs to adapt as well. Twist combines all team communications to facilitate cooperation from any location. No more exhausting Slack chats, emails, and meetings for the team. Best remote team communication app, according to PC Mag "I experienced continual FOMO on Slack. On Twist, I am confident that I am always in control. SparkLoop's Manuel F. The threads in Twist make sure that crucial information doesn't get buried. • Unlike a continuous stream of idle conversation that obfuscates crucial communications, Twist treats each topic as its own thread (like Slack). • With ultra-specific labeling, only the appropriate teams will view your messages. Make a history that your team can reference. • Look closely at any thread to remember the circumstances around a choice that was made, whether it was last week or a year ago. • Share pertinent threads to facilitate and speed up the onboarding of new staff. Focus your staff on the tasks that are important. • Reduce noise and distractions by using fewer notifications so your team can focus on its work. • Encourage more serenity and less anxiousness in your team's communication at work. Utilize organized routes to bust through team silos. • Establish a systematized, single location to oversee all team communications. • Use specific channels to invite people, such as external clients, to discuss project specifics. Plus: • It is simple to import all Slack discussions from your team. • Schedule remote team meetings using the integrations for Jitsi Meet, Zoom, and Skype. • Use business applications like Google Drive, Asana, and Calendly (and have a little fun with Giphy). • Forget receipt read-alouds, typing dots, and presence indicators. • To expedite your job, use keyboard shortcuts. Developed by Doist, a world authority on remote and asynchronous working. Ultimately, Twist may be closed at any time. When you return, the job will already be organized. Become a part of the workplace of the future. Join right now.

Most popular feedback for Wickr Enterprise

This recent update to Wickr makes it clear that the app's developers want to be your messenger of choice, not just your secure messenger. Doodling on photos and crazy filters have been exclusive to fun apps, not security apps. Wickr is blurring that line, but it can go further. I'd like to see Wickr continue to hone its design and to add additional messaging features, such as opting out of group chats. Wickr continues to build on and improve a fantastic service for sending secure, ephemeral messages. It remains our Editors' Choice for Android secure messaging.

Max Eddy

About Wickr Enterprise

Everyone may easily maintain their privacy using Wickr Me. You can quickly connect with your pals 1:1 or in groups with Wickr Me. New features like voice notes and completely encrypted voice calling have been added to the trusted end-to-end secure sharing of data, photos, and videos. You should have complete control over who may access your content and how long it is available. Users Confide in Me on Wickr for Their Most Important Communications: On security & privacy: - Each message is encrypted with a unique key utilizing end-to-end encryption that has been thoroughly tested. Your contact list and messages are never accessible to Wickr. - You can register on Wickr Me without providing a phone number or email address. Your address book is kept confidential and isn't kept on our servers. - Wickr does not keep any metadata related to your communications in its database. - The most reputable security research teams in the field have validated Wickr's code, rules, and security procedures. - Interact privately with groups of up to 10 users. Shredder overwrites all Wickr content that has been erased from your device. Regarding Crypto Policy & Ephemerality: - Open source code that is transparent and available for assessment by the crypto community. - Configurable Expiration Timer: Choose the time at which all of your communications content will expire. Device-to-device encryption makes it nearly impossible to crack because each message, file, and call (per 512 packets) is encrypted with a new key. Strong end-to-end encryption and flawless forward and backward secrecy are made possible by the Wickr Messaging Protocol for user material. Wickr-crypto-source C's code can be found at ( In order to handle their most important messages, people, teams, and businesses of all sizes, industries, and scales trust Wickr to provide a secure communication platform. With the most cutting-edge multi-layered encryption and ephemerality, Wickr Me, our free (ad-free) flagship software, is the most reliable and secure communication platform, used by millions of users worldwide.

Twist reviews

I have been using Twist for a few years, and the app has come a very long way! Notifications are consistent. The UI is very clean and easy to use. The only things preventing a 5 star rating is the bugs within the notifications. When I receive a message, I get a push notification and a bubble. Any attempt to reply or react causes the bubble to close. The push notification allows reading and replying but tapping it to enter the app causes the notification and the bubble to disappear.

- Harmonee Booker

Nice platform. Please fix the issue of an image(jpeg) not appearing in a thread when posted from an action or an attachment. App says couldn't read file!

- Ruta peter

This app is so buggy, I use this app to communicate with my company, it has a TERRIBLE TIME updating as soon as someone sends me something. This is absolutely horrible because if my company is experiencing massive customer downtime I shouldn't have to wait 20 MINUTES for twist to refresh to see that I got a message 18 minutes ago from my coworker!! This goes for PC and Android. Over multiple updates and multiple months.

- A M

Wickr Enterprise reviews

There's always room for improvement! Ater a few days use I'm convinced this app is best for me. Japanese UI would be nice. Once a sent message is edited (a very useful feature!), perhaps that message's Expiry Timer ought to reset to countdown from the time of last edit. The timestamp of that last edit ought to be made readily visible to the recipient(s) so that an edited message is not so easily overlooked by recipients. Other subtle recommendations will be sent to your Support centre.

- najevi

I like the app quite a bit, but it's quite buggy. Messages, which were sent successfully, often get a "failed to send, tap to retry" message on them when the next message is sent. the Latest issue is that the app fails to notify me when I receive messages. This is the most frustrating bug because i miss messages too often. Looking into another solution

- Tanya B

Overall the app is great. Since last update though I'm having issues with incoming calls not showing up. And having difficulties answering the calls that do. My phone rings that there is a call, but there is no option for me to answer the call once the "incoming call" screen fades out. After conversation, the call doesn't even show up in the app. Fix please!!! Missing tons of calls here!

- Pam Fleming

Pros & cons


No more need for back-to-back meetings
No “I’m available” status bubbles
No stress-inducing notification dots
No audio or video calls, screen sharing, or keyword alerts
Limited integrations

Wickr Enterprise

Sends messages and media with user-defined lifespan
Content shredder
Secure systems for finding other users.
Small user base
Security measures mean no syncing among multiple devices
Only allow one device per user

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