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Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Business, Educations, Organizations


15 days free trial / up to 3 devices

$ 14.99 per User

Microsoft Whiteboard

Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Business, Education



Paid- $10/person/month

20M+ Downloads Check

#1 in Magazines & Newspapers

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Most popular feedback for Typora

I still can’t believe @Typora only costs $15. I’m a vim guy but Typora rules when doing Markdown. You can save images to a doc relative folder when you paste. You can do math and Mermaid diagrams. You can paste from web pages and it converts reasonably well. It’s a steal.

Brian P. Hogan

About Typora

Typora is a straightforward and flexible document editor that offers superior Markdown support. For professionals and students who need to produce essays and reports, this application is perfect. Typora may be challenging to use for multi-file projects or website publication.

Most popular feedback for Microsoft Whiteboard

If all you want is the online equivalent of a whiteboard, Microsoft Whiteboard does the job. You can write, draw, and add images, and you can do all of this in real time with other team members. Given it's a free tool, what you get is pretty generous. Is it the best collaborative whiteboard tool you can find? No—that's Miro, which is our Editors' Choice winner for its valuable and rich feature set plus a long list of supported integrations. But Microsoft Whiteboard is the best free online whiteboard, and that's not nothing. It's well worth making part of your next meeting, especially if you use Teams.

Justin Pot

About Microsoft Whiteboard

Update: Check out the "What's new" area for a ton of other features, including Whiteboard, which is now accessible for personal (Microsoft) accounts. Microsoft Whiteboard is a freeform intelligent canvas where both people and teams may visually communicate and come up with ideas. It was created for touch, type, and pen use, so you can write or draw as fluidly as you would with ink. You can also type in text, add sticky notes or a notes grid to express your ideas, and utilize reactions to visually convey your thoughts. It improves teamwork by enabling every team member, regardless of location, to edit the canvas in real time. Insert a pre-built template to get going immediately, or use our extensive library of shapes to create your own flowchart. Whatever your use case, we have the correct tools for you, and all of your work is stored safely in the cloud so that it can be continued from another place or device. — Work spontaneously, freely — Microsoft Whiteboard offers an endless canvas where creativity can flourish. Users can draw, text, add sticky notes or a notes grid, and move the notes around. Your thoughts are liberated from the keyboard thanks to the touch-first interface, and the intelligent inking technology turns your drawings into attractive shapes and lines that can be copied, pasted, and merged with other things. —Work together in real time from anywhere— Each team member can collaborate remotely using their own devices thanks to Microsoft Whiteboard. You can start working together on the same area while viewing your peers' activity in real time on the Whiteboard canvas. Getting everyone on the same page, or board, is the main goal. —Automatically save and resume - Forget about needing to photograph your whiteboards or putting a "Do Not Erase" sign on them. Your brainstorming sessions are automatically saved to the Microsoft cloud when you use Microsoft Whiteboard, allowing you to continue where you left off whenever and whenever inspiration strikes. What's new: Users may now sign in using their personal (Microsoft) accounts, which has been a popular request from users since since we released the Android Preview App. • A contemporary aesthetic: 1. A simplified user interface makes the most of your canvas space. 2. The creation gallery is a highly discoverable, user-friendly method of locating and utilising application items and functionalities. • Features of interactive content 3. 40+ customisable templates—use these fresh templates to collaborate, brainstorm, and come up with ideas rapidly. 4. Reactions - offer quick, contextual input with a selection of entertaining reactions. • Features that facilitate: 5. Use the same whiteboard to copy and paste text and other stuff. 6. Object alignment: To accurately arrange material spatially, employ alignment lines and object snapping. 7. Format background - Customize your whiteboard by altering the color and pattern of the background. • Drawing attributes: 8. To make diagramming easier, cleanly draw single- and double-sided arrows with ink. 9. Use rainbow and galaxy ink to express oneself creatively with ink effect pens.

Typora reviews

My favorite tool for scratch writing.

- Daniel Verastiqui

Thank you!.. I bought it without problems.. :)

- Carlos Huchim

I used @typora to write up The Georgia Incident. It's a great editor, and really helped me concentrate on the narrative, rather than the interface!

- CarbonLettuce

Microsoft Whiteboard reviews

When I first use this app (both on pc and mobile) I will give it 5 stars since it really helps me to take down notes and to write problems and equations. However, the recent update seems to be a bit laggy (if there are tons of stuff on whiteboard it takes time to load and navigate). I hope that the lags will be fixed because this one is really handy for me and if it's too laggy it's just painful and time consuming.

- Flammngo

In my exprience it was too slow and buggy, undo not working some times, doesn't support 'RTL' writing, shape font size is fixed and can't be resize, notepads have fixed number of rows for writing, reordering shapes and texts is not easy and not working well, elements are too small and not optimized for tablets, sometimes it's not responsive! It could be a great app without these problems :(

- Amin Rostami

The app is laggy. The touch and the response of stylus is not realtime. It appears a moment after the stylus moves. If I try this with other app like Sketch, Pen-up or similar such apps on Playstore. Can't expect such a standard from the world's largest software company.


Pros & cons


Typora immediately renders what's typed on the screen in Markdown format
This helps users to have a better understanding of how their document is being formatted
The editor and preview dual-pane setup typical of desktop Markdown editors are gone
Instead, a singular interface makes for a WYSIWYG experience
This streamlines the workflow and encourages direct manipulation
Typora has clean yet beautiful built-in themes and allows for users to create new themes using CSS.
Typora is still in beta and may be prone to changes or bugs
Having Markdown immediately render causes text to jump into formatted text, which is distracting and hard on the eyes
You need admin rights on a managed Windows computer to install it
There currently is no portable version available.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Landscape mode support across mobile devices
Inking Experience Improvements
Ability to erase portion of ink strokes
No integrations, except with Teams
Can't add templates
Requires a Microsoft account to even view boards

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