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Ubindi reviews

I was very impressed at first glance. It easily integrated with our website using html, and the Stripe payment seems to be seamless although I think Ubinid is requesting a 'cut' on top of Stripe's fees. I think it will end up more expensive than ones that are costlier upfront. It basically 'can' do the minimum of what we need it to do, but there are several aspects that might be deal-breakers.

- Paula L. Vice President

Managing my emails to students was a problem I never had to deal with as I don't pay for an @RMDYyoga.com email - so it looks professional and clean at a fraction of the cost. Also, I am grateful for the ease of set up with new students!

- Chelsea H. Owner, Teacher

From my clients point of view, some people would like to be able to create a 'basket' of bookings and pay for multiple classes all at once rather than one at a time. The other thing I think would be helpful is email reminders of classes booked and an email notification if someone cancels a booking.

- Hannah B. Yoga teacher

Streamyard reviews

Easy Live Streaming Software That Grows With My Busines

- Christian K. CEO

This is the best streaming system for our radio and performance hall operations. Product support is excellent and the techs know what they are talking about and not simply reading from a script.

- Robert M. Station Manager

They've made improvements in the past year so much so that there is little to dislike. If there is one thing, I'd like to have the live comments be higher on the view so that as I look at the camera I can see comments versus needing to look down to the bottom right to see the latest comments coming in. It forces me to look away from direct eye contact with the camera.

- Mike G. President

Pros & cons


This platform makes it easy for students to enroll in classes
Passes are a great thing as are being able to give a free pass
It lets me enjoy the good part (teaching yoga) and not have to spend much time on the business details (which isn't my favorite)
It's easy to set up payments, and great to keep track of students
The real key has been how the developers continue to check in with teachers/users to see what tweaks and improvements are needed
This software great for a small business
It's not a huge dive into too much of a program for an individual teacher."

Sometimes it's confusing or cumbersome for students to go to a website rather than opening an app and everything is already in front of them
Lack of features, setting up paid classes was confusing
Can't integrate with my website
My students and I have been on Zoom for yoga classes since March of 2020 and have found the process of trying to register and get links for classes quite frustrating and labor-intensive
Look no further for a scheduling and class management system."


It's easy for him to share his screen and switch back and forth between people who are talking
It's also easy for the members to use the Streamyard link to jump on when they want to share something
Overall i would highly recommend StreamYard
Really excited to see how the product will keep growing in the future
It's easy to invite guests on, screen sharing is easy peasy, and you can see comments from any source that you're streaming to
Hands down, the best thing I've gotten for my business
But what really makes it a winner is how easy it is for my guests to join a broadcast
Just a couple of clicks, and they're in the green room, ready to go on camera."

The media player maximums (length and file size) should also be expanded - currently, the video playback feature has a very small size (100mb I believe) and is limited to 1 minute
By far, the most infuriating aspect of Streamyard is how it's limited to ten users per stream, including whoever is moderating/switching behind the scenes
It was a bit grainy (but that could be any software...even Zoom)
Its cost is lower than the others, but it does not integrate with as many other tools, either
But it was likely due to issues with my Internet access
Unfortunately, I was too much of a rookie to know how to fix it while on the air (if I even could have)."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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