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Category: Task Management Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business, Fianncial



$ 4

Per user per month


$ 8

Per user per month


Category: Task Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Business, Education, Communication


Starter - $9.95 per month

Professional - $24.50 per month

20M+ Downloads

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UpWave reviews

Upwave became the one stop shop for collaboration and tracking progress on projects. Also, the customer service team has been very helpful, offering tips so we are able to maximize functionality and productivity.

- Tom K. Senior Manager

Easy to set up, great support throughout the process and quick results.

- Howard P. President and CEO

feature of this product like workload maintain user wise. connect with each other other staff for timely manner

- Ganpat L. Software developer

Kanbanchi reviews

"Nice tool for organization" What do you like best about Kanbanchi for Google Workspace? I love the way Kanbanchi helps you organize your thoughts for a project and all the ways you have to look at them Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Kanbanchi for Google Workspace? I didn't find a easy way to print a timeline or group of cards. I know it is supposed to be paperless but sometimes you need to show your work in paper. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. Recommendations to others considering Kanbanchi for Google Workspace: It is a great product. If money is an issue, contact them for pricing, they are great! Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Kanbanchi for Google Workspace solving and how is that benefiting you? Organization and Collaboration in key projects. The great benefit is being more productive and have a clear picture

- Mildred W.

"A bit expensive, but the best tool" Pros: Kanbanchi it's a great tool to integrate with Google Workspace. This feature gives to you the comfort to be in the same environment with consistency with your other apps. Cons: A bit expensive compared with Trello, but a lot better in functionality look and feel and tracking projects in the same tool without the work of looking for plugins.

- Soledad M.

Overall: Overall Kanbanchi is a strong and good competitor against other parties like Trello. I really appreciate the tight connection to Google Workspace and Kanbanchi looks really like a native Google Workspace app that truly is integrated into everything surrounding Google Workspace.

- Joris V.

Pros & cons


It is really greater to have everything in one app, vivid and organized online, than to buy millions of notebooks or write long messages in chats with tasks for your team members
The idea with ticks and columns to show the progress makes users feel satisfied with the results and observe the completion level of the work
Smart design, a wide range of photos for your boards, stylish colours and tinctures help to create a unique workspace, which is esthetically enjoyable
Especially the singular combination of the following features makes Upwave that strong in my eyes
Full color cards, not just tiny tags as usual."

I am having problems with archiving
This could be on my end and not software limitations
I avoided buying a software from a software company as upwave is very simple
We used it for about a week then abandoned it
We're very stuck in our way though, so it was mostly us
Every time I had a problem I wrote to customer service and they solved it quickly."


Great tool for project management to keep students on top of projects
It works well with Google Apps for Education, saves in drive and sharing option is something the students are very used to
Very helpful for prioritizing and tracking progress
It's great! we are enjoying the process of learning and using it for projects and tracking of different events and procedures."

No mobile app yet (web browser experience on mobile is terrible)
No global search (only within a dashboard)
You would eventually need to pay for the software
It also only works in a google cloud environment which means that your team or organisation must be using google suite first
Unfortunately, lack of an API means automation and/or further integrations aren't possible."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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