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Uscreen Video Platform

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media







Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media




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/month Billed annually



/month Billed annually

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Uscreen Video Platform reviews

Uscreen is allowing my fitness company to be an on-demand subscription service that I did not offer before.

- PJ S. Fitness Expert

I have been producing Yoga videos since 2004 and have used many different video streaming platforms over the years. uScreen, by far, is the BEST technology solution because they are customer-focused.. Their fair and reasonable revenue model has allowed me to offer my videos on both the web and TV apps, which I never dreamed was possible. For anyone looking to stream videos and make revenue, uScreen has it all! Sherry Zak Morris Founder of Yoga Vista, CEO & Executive Producer of YogaJP

- Sherry Z. CEO

I was not a fan of the user dashboard. It was a bit confusing at times. In addition, I had trouble figuring out the marketing tools to retain my customers. I'd like to see this become more user-friendly. My subscribers also had difficulty accessing their accounts at times.

- Cornelius J. Actor/Writer

WeVideo reviews

I use the WeVideo platform to create video tutorials, educational materials, and short video promotions for training programs. It helps me share my creations with teammates for feedback. And share my work with clients for approval before the final course production. It's a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to share content with anyone with a web browser and internet connection.

- Amr M. Instructional Designer.

Really smooth experience and seamless imported. Saved me so much energy and worry

- Craige Hardel Owner

Mine lags a lot when I'm watching it back. I have to hope it is performing better for people on the other end (and that the issue is my old-ish computer or my Internet speed? IDK--no techie genes over here). I also wish I could see WHO viewed my videos since it is usually a handful and I'm wondering if they have been really going over it or if it was a one-and-done deal. It would give me feedback on my work in that way.

- Hala N. Actor, Teacher

Pros & cons

Uscreen Video Platform

Uscreen is the simplest but most comprehensive video streaming platform for content producers
We love it, our clients love it
We are most impressed with the final appearance of our website
The template we were provided and employed from UScreen has resulted in an unexpectedly attractive appearance
The promptness and quality of the responses to our specific questions have been impressive, and has solved most of our pressing design issues to our complete satisfaction
What we love most is that we get to talk to real people who help us develop our apps, answer our questions, and help us find the right way to continue to grow our business."

Some features are missing that I would need, but they are considering adding them
The navigation bar still displays 'Home' once the user has signed-in but they can't actually go back to the landing page once signed-in and it looks confusing
Their communication is awful and way too many hidden fees and way to expensive
Client support is absolutely the WORST we have ever experienced."


And I love the professional-looking quality of the completed videos
WeVideo also has a great library of images, videos and music that I can use as well
My overall experience with WeVideo is great
This is a very helpful tool for the creator
I have made excellent videos for my classes and teachers and students loved them
I would recommend this software to anyone who is willing to pay for it
With WeVideo, our school continued to communicate and celebrate in fun and engaging ways."

It's my final and wevideo ruined it
I am disappointed and will NEVER be using it again
Some of the features are hard to figure out and to use at first
It's not the easiest software to use and takes time to understand it
The only problem is it is missing a CROP & ROTATE tool for Green Screen creations and the price as school budgets are in trouble right now for Covid
It was difficult sometimes to publish or figure out where my product was."

What is Speechify?

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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