Uscreen Video Platform vs Wowza Video

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Uscreen Video Platform

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media






Wowza Video

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


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Uscreen Video Platform reviews

Uscreen is allowing my fitness company to be an on-demand subscription service that I did not offer before.

- PJ S. Fitness Expert

I have been producing Yoga videos since 2004 and have used many different video streaming platforms over the years. uScreen, by far, is the BEST technology solution because they are customer-focused.. Their fair and reasonable revenue model has allowed me to offer my videos on both the web and TV apps, which I never dreamed was possible. For anyone looking to stream videos and make revenue, uScreen has it all! Sherry Zak Morris Founder of Yoga Vista, CEO & Executive Producer of YogaJP

- Sherry Z. CEO

I was not a fan of the user dashboard. It was a bit confusing at times. In addition, I had trouble figuring out the marketing tools to retain my customers. I'd like to see this become more user-friendly. My subscribers also had difficulty accessing their accounts at times.

- Cornelius J. Actor/Writer

Wowza Video reviews

Overall since making the move to Streaming Cloud we have been extremely happy with the support and reliability of the services.

- Patrick F. Digital Media System Administrator

Wowza video simplifies things when it comes to streaming. The user interface is pretty simple where one can select the ingest location, the bit rates ect.

- Abhishek D. Media & Streaming Engineer

Missing some 'nice to have' features around VOD but the team are great with adding anything we raise to their roadmap and delivering updates on a timely basis

- Fearghal M. Commercial Strategy

Pros & cons

Uscreen Video Platform

Uscreen is the simplest but most comprehensive video streaming platform for content producers
We love it, our clients love it
We are most impressed with the final appearance of our website
The template we were provided and employed from UScreen has resulted in an unexpectedly attractive appearance
The promptness and quality of the responses to our specific questions have been impressive, and has solved most of our pressing design issues to our complete satisfaction
What we love most is that we get to talk to real people who help us develop our apps, answer our questions, and help us find the right way to continue to grow our business."

Some features are missing that I would need, but they are considering adding them
The navigation bar still displays 'Home' once the user has signed-in but they can't actually go back to the landing page once signed-in and it looks confusing
Their communication is awful and way too many hidden fees and way to expensive
Client support is absolutely the WORST we have ever experienced."

Wowza Video

I wouldn't say I like downloads (except for the reason to try them), especially for software I frequently use
Hence Wowza Cloud Streaming comes fast in the bargain for me because I have been able to stream live from my Browser as it can stream from any browser, and browser-based streaming is simple.2
The capability to stream pre-recorded and edited videos as LIVE on my YouTube channel is a winner all the way
It enhances my live video message as clarity and quality come to the fore.3
The 1 Month Free Trial is excellent and long enough to appreciate what this tool can do
If your live streamings are for business, then within the trial period, you can make enough money to continue using it as a paid user after the trial is over
Here the software owners have the poor me in mind as much as they think about the rich user
Talk about empathy!

The fact that you must pay for some upgrade to access better-enhanced support is an apparent turn-off to start-ups on low budgets
Start-ups have the most questions and need full access to support services regardless of their membership status
They want to learn how to use the software to make money and come back to pay for the paid service and not to be charged for learning
Asking for help to use your software correctly must never be a paid-for service in any way.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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