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Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business


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Uteach reviews

After the setting of all the features, Uteach is a professional looking LMS. The most important for my use is the possibility of live lessons on the same platform. Live lessons are created very intuitively and there is an option to use your own video conferencing solution. Overall, I would recommend Uteach to my friends over any other LMS solution.

- Josef M. teacher

I have been using it for more than 8 months. I can notice that the new elements or features are adding one by one to make it more powerful tool

- Manindar K.

I guess the only downside is that there's so much available it's hard to get it all done.

- Susan M. HERS Rater

Brightspace reviews

What I liked most was the simple and effective organization. It was a software that was definitely created in mind to set students up to succeed. Firstly, the way the Chapters, sections, topics, and individual assignments were organized on the side was something that was consistent for each of the subjects I was studying. Then on the top bar, you were able to click on pages that would essentially "filter" the types of class material. You could see all the assessments in one place, all the assignments in one place, and your grades. On top of that, every single thing was linked back to the corresponding item. For example, if you couldn't recall what "assignment 2" was when looking at it in the gradebook, you were able to click it and redirect it to the original post. There was also notifications for when assignments were open and reminders for when exams and homework was due. As someone who has used canvas, blackboard, google classrooms, and a few other softwares for school, these functions were not common. There were also times where it would be extremely hard and confusing to navigate. However I never ran into that issue with D2L.

- Shanyce R. student

As an administrator at my previous employer, I appreciated the flexibility to change pretty much anything that I wanted in the system. The ability to change what things were called in the system were very nice. In the most recent version that I had used, Brightspace had taken steps to make some changes on how system settings were handled to update the interface. Previously, the interface of the DOME was one of the most painful parts of the system. I also appreciated the service desk that Brightspace has built up over the last three years. When I began using Brightspace, items could get lost very easily with the technical teams, but after some difficult issues, Brightspace has turned around a great deal, and updates to tickets were timely and applicable for a while before I stopped using it.

- Nathan L. Lead Instructional Designer

For smaller schools, this learning management system is not affordable. It will be good to have a product that caters to small groups which is offered at a reduced rate.

- Tenzin D. Principal

Pros & cons


Plus, they are polite and nice to talk to
Pabbly Connect is already available and both Action and Trigger will be there
On the backend, the Content Management side of things is seamless
Everything you need to deliver an amazing learning experience to students
Great experience and I am looking forward their membership option since this is something I would love to offer my students
I am very pleased with Uteach, because they do what I wish more SaaS companies did, and that is making sure their existing features work well, before introducing new ones."

Our company has developed an Intensive Digital Skills Bootcamp and it is fully presented on Uteach platform
We are working on it for about 3 months already and the platform fully meets our demand
So, I guess I don't have much to complain either
My second big concern is their unlimited offer
I have not heard anything concrete from them
To few templates to chose from and if you change it everything you've done will disappear
They develop add-ons that will be an additional cost so bare that in mind
The site builder for landing pages is a limited template, but it can be meticulously configured
However, if you decide on one theme, everything changes in tandem, which was a bit of a problem."


It's made school all the easier simply because of the ease that comes with the use of Brightspace
It's a great source, and I would recommend it to everyone
Very happy with it from a student side when the faculty take time to set it up
But setting up a good classroom can be more work than teaching
I like the ability for there to be an online classroom and I like that it records the lectures
I like how the online classroom allows for screensharing and chatting also
I like how it is designed
We where using google class before and I find bright space a cleaner easier to use platform."

The program is cumbersome and after many student and instructor complaints our university has switched over to iCollege
Overall, my experience with Brightspace is negative
Brightspace provides multiple places to find the same things
This is confusing, especially when some assignments are loaded in a given course module but not in the 'Assignments' tab, or vice versa
However, it is frustrating to use and has more case-by-case / glitching problems that other learning management softwares I have used."

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