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Surefire Local

Category: Social media Tool
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walls.io reviews

One of my favorite features is the direct post. This creates an event-specific social experience for attendees to interact with each other. When paired with a photobooth integration, you really get to see the personality of the event and it's attendees.

- Megan G. Creative Director

Next to the fresh design, I love how easy this social wall integrates into other software and website. Easy-to-use backend offers unlimited options. Great tool!

- Oliver E. Marketing Strategist

Design, speed, the information it makes available.

- Philip G. Director

Surefire Local reviews

Surefire Local has greatly increased the traffic to our website from one year to the next. The results have been huge and evident.

- Denise B. Owner

It has made my job so much easier. The platform allows me to do most tasks from one site.

- Jase B. Marketing Coordinator

This software is not for mobile locksmith services or any services where you need more than just a phone from your client. When I used the software myself, that was ok. As for CRM, we needed additional information about our clients, such as the make and model of the vehicle. The price for the basic package was too high, so we purchased the Premium plan which includes all the content creation, SEO, PPC management. The marketing by itself works terribly, you can schedule calls only in 5-7 days.

- Roman M. Marketing Manager

Pros & cons


Its simple to use, accurate and reliableVery easy to setup! And Looks absolutely stunning
It's easy to customize to match corporate branding
like the design, the usability, the service
And as a German speaking person I favor it that the support is also in my mother´s tongue.

Nothing in mind that I dislike about their product
The directions for setting up sources isn't crystal clear
The standard plans are expensive

Surefire Local

We chat with her weekly and she's very understanding with all of our questions and we feel very comfortable with her
From the beginning, Surefire Local Sales Team promised us a lot
We signed the 3-month contract on the Premium Plan which included
GeoJuice (Could be Useful)
Chatbot (Clients used it)
There's little I liked about the software as I promised in November 2021 that ads would be running "by Thanksgiving
By the time of my cancellation (this month) exactly zero ads ran."

Unfortunately, I seem to be on the must avoid and definitely don't let her log in category right now, so cancelling these recurring charges on my VISA is a whole different battle
The marketing by itself works terribly, you can schedule calls only in 5-7 days
I was lied to get me to commit to the company, so I'm considering a fraudulent inducement to contract case against them
Spent hours attempting to work with rep, but content writers were incapable of producing practice state specific material."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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