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Category: Social media Tool

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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Marketing Business


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Most popular feedback for walls.io

I’m digital marketer and just today I again recommended walls.io to one of my clients when they told me how they struggle with the competition. Walls.io seems to have a great team behind it, amazing and helpful customer support and the best: It just works both for me and my clients! Oh and great pricing!

Matteo S.

About walls.io

Walls.io is an all-in-one social wall solution that allows you to collect, curate, and display content in an easy-to-customize feed. You can collect content from multiple social media platforms or let your audience post content directly on your wall. You can also add your custom posts to the feed and create a nice mix between content from your audience and your brand's content. A social wall is a great way to harness the power of user-generated content and engage your audience. You can use it at private and public events, on your website or displays in shops or offices. The possibilities are endless!

Most popular feedback for Videolinq

I highly recommend that anyone needing a streaming platform jump on this before pricing goes up.

Heather B.

About Videolinq

Videolinq is changing how broadcasters create and distribute live video by offering an online workplace for teams to create live streams, engage viewers, and grow audiences on multiple social media platforms. Videolinq simplifies and reduce the cost of live broadcast production and distribution by offering real-time closed captioning, stream scheduling, player creation and monetization, and audience engagement on social media through moderated chat, polls, surveys, and e-commerce offering.

walls.io reviews

One of my favorite features is the direct post. This creates an event-specific social experience for attendees to interact with each other. When paired with a photobooth integration, you really get to see the personality of the event and it's attendees.

- Megan G. Creative Director

Next to the fresh design, I love how easy this social wall integrates into other software and website. Easy-to-use backend offers unlimited options. Great tool!

- Oliver E. Marketing Strategist

Design, speed, the information it makes available.

- Philip G. Director

Videolinq reviews

The ability to multistream with ease to different destinations including custim rtmp!

- Junn carlo B. freelANCE

I like the fact you can schedule streams to your respective streaming pages. I also like that you can stream to 25 destinations. This has the potential to be a major competitor if they can get their kinks worked out

- Corey S. Content Creator

The initial GUI was a little intricate, but I was able to solve it's ebbs and flows.

- Michael A. DJ/Producer

Pros & cons


Its simple to use, accurate and reliableVery easy to setup! And Looks absolutely stunning
It's easy to customize to match corporate branding
like the design, the usability, the service
And as a German speaking person I favor it that the support is also in my mother´s tongue.
Nothing in mind that I dislike about their product
The directions for setting up sources isn't crystal clear
The standard plans are expensive


We have been searching and searching for a product like Videolinq
When I discovered the product, I didn't even realize how good it was until I put it through its paces
A major reason I tried this software was because of the CDN ability
I am beyond thrilled with the ability to upload pre-recorded videos and have them scheduled in advance
They have good streaming quality
Most important to me is , I can customize my player
The severity, the ease of creating a transmission and the effectiveness of it reaching our users
To be able to carry out according to the plan several transmissions of anything."
At the beginning it is a bit confusing since they have basically divided the service website and the account management website into two websites
I hate being charged for CDN
Live-streaming to my website should be free
I tried going directly there using the browser and received errors.)
It has a learning curve which can be frustrating
I can not integrate Youtube currently by logging in to my Google account."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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